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WinDVD Recorder


WinDVD Recorder

Stephen Tech, Jr. is a new board member. Thank you for your vote.

From the October, 2003 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

With WinDVD Recorder, you can select the recording target where you want to put you media content. Choose between your hard drive or an optical disk drive. Select different recording profiles. With the drop down menu, you can choose between the different DVD types (-R, -RW, +R, +RW), VCD and SVCD. If you want to know more about these types, come to Dale Swafford's DVD/CD classes on the fourth Thursday of the month. With the WinDVD Recorder you can prepare the rewrite (-RW and +RW) media by formatting them using your DVD recorder. After I finally got my Sony DRX-510UL DVD/CD rewritable drive to work. (That is a long story.) I still cannot use WinDVD Recorder to record. I get a message saying "No capture device available to record." (See Figure 1). WinDVD plays DVD's fine and the controls are easy to understand.

About a month a go I upgraded my operating system from Windows Millennium to Windows 2000 (Win2K). I read somewhere that the Sony DRX-510UL needs to run on the Win2K and above operating system. After I began installing InterVideo WinDVD Recorder a note popped up and told me that my DirectX 8 wasn't current. The wizard gave me the opportunity to updated my older version, and I did. The installation continued and went through smoothly. InterVideo wants you to page down to the bottom of the license agreement. The time to install the software was shorter than it took me to read license agreement. After reading the Win2K help file, Win2K comes with version 7 to accelerate the video and sound card drivers to provide better playback for the many different types of multimedia on the market.

After installation and rebooting, in the Start/Programs menu, I found these new choices 1.) InterVideo WinDVD Recorder Help, 2.)InterVideo WinDVD Recorder Uninstall, and 3.) InterVideo WinDVD Recorder. Since I'm new to the DVD world I choose #1. The file isn't large, but the information is valuable to read.

If your not familiar with DVDs, there is a book section called "The WinDVD player." You can read other sections called "The WinDVD Recorder, The WinDVD Platinum Player, WinDVD Recorder Features, WinDVD Platinum Features, Before you begin and Basic Setup." If you already know how to play DVD movies, play Video CDs, and record DVD/VCD movies you can also skim over those books. That is where I'm finding some valuable interesting tips.

To run the WinDVD Recorder select the Start/Programs menu, then the InterVideo WinDVD Recorder folder, and click the InterVideo WinDVD Recorder icon. The second time, I installed InterVideo WinDVD Recorder I notice that if I checked a box an InterVideo WinDVD Recorder icon is placed on the desktop. A cute simulated DVD player opens. There are a group of items one can use to fine tune the DVD player. To find the list go to the middle right side of the DVD player and find the slotted button. Left click it to open a sub panel menu that lists: navigation, language, display, color, audio effects, audio SRS, audio mode, and video effect. Select Navigation.

Why would you open the Navigation subpanel? To work with bookmarks, repeat icon, titles, chapters, source, cursor, angle and setup. Sounds like DVD recorders are more complicated than the old VCR. Do you remember, how to get rid of the always flashing time clock? Of course, by reading the VCR manual and using the original remote control or by sitting on the floor pushing those buttons can finally stop the flashing clock. Consider yourself lucky there is no clock on the WinDVD recorder.

There is a control panel. The control panel is hidden in the subpanel. Left click the wrench icon button to find six tabs called: preferences, control, audio, video, region, and information. Under the preferences tab you can setup the parental setting and a password. Under the region tab you can choose six between six regions: 1: USA, Canada, 2. West Europe, Japan, South Africa, 3. Southeast Asia, 4. Australia, Spanish America, 5. Russia, East Europe, Africa, 6. China. There is a box that shows the number of changes left until the software becomes permanent. If you travel a lot this may be important information for you.

On WinDVD Recorder, there is a record timer. You can choose between 30, 60, 90, 120, 240 minutes and unlimited. What does this mean? If you select 30 minutes the WinDVD Recorder will record 30 minutes using your digital video camrecorder then stop.

I don't want to rewrite the help file. You may need to read InterVideo WinDVD Recorder Help file to become a more informed user.

The help file tells you that if you want to create a DVD disc, you must insert a DVD+RW. And if you want to create a VCD or a SVCD disc, you must insert a CD+R or a CD+RW media. So what is a DVD-R or DVD-RW media called? My next question for Dale.

I have always wanted to copy my old VHS tapes, that I captured with by my extinct camera. From what I've read and seen of this program, WinDVD recorder should be the one. All I have to do is find a video capture device for my HP Pavilion N5390. In the mean time don't spend money on a product unless you have all the hardware. I can use the WinDVD recorder to watch great DVD movies. Or I could have gotten other InterVideo products for less. See the September 2003 issue.

During the month of August, I checked Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot, Circuit City and CompUSA for InterVideo WinDVD Recorder. I didn't find it there, but it is on the Web.

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