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Book Review Review of:
Pinnacle Studio 8 for Windows
Visual Quickstart Guide


Pinnacle Studio 8 for Windows

Bill Hunsicker is a retired computer scientist and software developer who dabbles in photography and genealogy. He has a Web page here.

From the September 2003 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

This paperback by Jan Ozer and published by Peachpit Press provides a quick and easy way for you to learn how to use the Pinnacle Studio 8 Video Editing software. It is also an excellent quick reference tool on just about anything in Studio 8!

I had completed several videos using Studio 8 when Larry Grosskopf, our review coordinator, ask me to review this book, I thought “Oh, Ugh!” After all, Pinnacle provides a fine book called Guide to Movie Making, and an excellent video tutorial along with the software disk. I had completed both, and I don’t usually like ‘third party’ how-to books. But he said they really needed it for the September Issue, and Peachpit Press had published it, so I grudgingly agreed. I did not expect to learn that much from another book on the same software. I was wrong!!

The Pinnacle Studio 8 for Windows book takes off where the video tutorial provided with the software finishes. In fact, the second paragraph of Chapter 1 suggests you complete the tutorial before proceeding. The book provides an in-depth approach to the actual process of creating “apology-free videos.” After Chapter 1 introduces you to the various modes (Capture, Edit, and Make Movie), Chapter 2 gets down to the process details, like defragmenting your capture drive before you start, setting-up your defaults, and testing your capture drive for optimum performance.

Every chapter is packed with “pearls” of useful information, whether you want to learn how to “Customize Your Timeline View," “Ripple Transitions for Slide Shows,” perform sophisticated kerning (adjusting the space between letters) on your titles or just “Fix Color Problems” with your videos, its all there. The various software functions are intelligently gathered into fifteen chapters around the major video production modes and arranged in a logical sequence, very close to the order you would encounter them during the actual creation of a videotape or DVD. Each function is explained, and then followed with a step-by-step set of instructions and a screen image of what you should be seeing. After that you will usually find a “Tips” paragraph that will often help you understand what happening inside Studio 8 and your machine.

Studio 8 is easy to use, but having this book would have saved me substantial time during the editing of my first few videos. Thank You, Larry; it will save me even more time on my next video projects. If you use Studio 8, then, I believe, Pinnacle Studio 8 for Windows should be on your desk next to your work area. It’s that good!

Availability: The book lists for $21.99, you can get 20% off and free shipping direct from Peachpit Press over their Website. Amazon has it for $15.39, but you have to pay shipping on orders under $25.

ISBN: 0321186532, Published APR 22, 2003. 392 pages.

Vendor information
Peachpit Press offices are open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time. You can call them (800-283-9444), visit them online or contact them by mail (Peachpit Press, Attn: Orders, 1249 Eighth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710) to place an order.

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