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Movie Maestro


Movie Maestro

Paul Gerstenbluth is President of the ARIE Foundation and is a Macintosh consultant. The ARIE Foundation's mission is to provide VA hospitalized patients with hobby materials and Powerbooks that help in their stay and recovery.

From the September 2003 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

Musical Nuts and Bolts
SmartSound's Movie Maestro is an inexpensiveness at $49.95. Movie Maestro comes with music tracks from classical to movie blockbusters to light jazz. Note: Movie Maestro music and additional Movie Maestro CDs are for noncommercial and educational purposes only.

Available are additional CDs of music for your home and educational movies. Movie Maestro comes with one CD of music. Additional 26 music cuts are available with extra CDs from the Movie Music series. The Movie Maestro CDs series are sold separately with each CD costing $29.95 and are not included in the basic Movie Maestro package.

Movie Maestro uses the WAV, AIFF, QuickTime, and AVI sound formats. Movie Maestro's supports DV, AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Flash, ASF, and WMV video formats.

SmartSound Movie Maestro worked well with QuickTime for Windows. For my Adobe Premiere movie editing program, I created a single music file using Movie Maestro and saved the music. Then, I transfer the new sound file into Adobe Premiere for editing my video.

Music Listening Post
To generate a soundtrack with Movie Maestro, just point and click the editing interface. Next, open a video file within the program and then place the music track within the video file. Movie Maestro will render and save your new music digital video.

Another way to create a Movie Maestro's soundtrack is to create music files of a specific length and save them. You can add them to your QuickTime or iMovie later. In addition, you can use Adobe Premiere for your video editing. Just add in the Movie Maestro's music to make it sound good.

Three Easy Pieces
You do not have to be a concert pianist or work in an oil field to use Movie Maestro's program. Movie Maestro’s “Add Music” button will take you through an easy three steps “wizard” so you can find exactly the right music for your scene or movie. Next, click “Finish” and finally press the “Play” button. Your Movie Maestro's movie will wake up your audience with a precisely edited Hollywood-style soundtrack.

Personal Observation
I unleashed the power of Movie Maestro when I took the program for a test run. First, I took one of my old QuickTime movie CDs and copied the game promotion demo into a new QuickTime Pro movie. Second, I deleted the sound track. Now, I had a good-looking video that begged for music. Third, I ran Movie Maestro and choose “Create Music from a Movie.”

Now for the fun. The enjoyable part was selecting the right Movie Music CD from the various music selections: Blockbuster, Cutting Edge, Family, Sentimental, Sports and Vacation.

Movie Maestro allows you to hear the selection before selecting the music. I selected Movie Maestro’s Cutting Edge for my QuickTime movie. Finally, I played my new movie. Satisfied with my results, I saved it and e-mail the QuickTime movie to my computer user group for their enjoyment.

Pro Reaction
It’s easy to create sound tracks with different moods and music temperament. I can make editing changes by moving my QuickTime and Adobe Premiere videos into the Maestro Sequencer. Also, Movie Maestro's supports various Web audio files.

Con Reaction
Movie Maestro could have more music clips in more styles. Movie Maestro is not for commercial usage. I spend a lot of time changing the music in my movies based on my moods, it's a good habit to acquire in order to make better Movie Maestro's music videos.

Final Notes
Strip the sounds from your old videos and add SmartSound Movie Maestro’s music. Listen and watch the power of Movie Maestro as your new music tells your video stories. Easily create different versions of your soundtracks. Next, trim the soundtracks to fit the length of your edited movies.

Buy Movie Maestro's program and add the needed music to your QuickTime for Windows and digital movies. You will find that Movie Maestro's music is always the right length for digital work. SmartSound Movie Maestro does for your background music what QuickTime and Adobe Premiere does for digital video.

System Requirements
Movie Maestro works with Windows and Mac computers. SmartSound Movie Maestro offers full support for Windows XP. You will need at least Windows 98 to use the program.

SmartSound Movie Maestro. Company: Sonic Desktop. Price: $49.95.

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