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Software Review of:
MovieWorks Deluxe
By Interactive Solutions, Inc.


Richard Villafana is a local family physician with a taste for the computer arts.

From the September 2003 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

Iím baaaaaaack. Hello friends, after a lengthy self imposed absence I once again take keyboard in hand to deliver to you another tasty review. So without further ado, letís get to it. In keeping with the video theme of the this months issue, I bring you MovieWorks Delux by Interactive Solutions, Inc. out of Pleasanton, CA. This program is actually a suite of five different applications: 
  1. MovieWorks Deluxe (compositing editor)
  2. Animator (2D cell animation editor)
  3. Sound (sound editor)
  4. Paint (photo and paint editor)
  5. Video (video recording and editing).

Movie Works Sound Editor

These 5 applications are seemlessly integrated into one easy-to-use authoring program. The suite is capable of creating business presentations complete with narration and music soundtracks, slide shows also with or without music and narration, simple sound track creation which can later be added to your slide show or movie, and simple photo and paint editing of your own digital pictures, and video editing. You may import 3rd party sound or video or transfer your own into the project. The finished project can be saved to hard disc, burned to CD or DVD, attached to e-mail, or uploaded to the Web for viewing.

The project can be saved as a *.mwd file playable in the default MovieWorks Deluxe player. Simple video may be saved in the popular *.mov file standard and played back with Quick Time which is included on the installation disc.

System requirements are Quick Time 5.x (included on the disc), DVD or CD Rom drive, color monitor, 100 MB of hard drive space, 128 MB of RAM, Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, or XP, and CPU of 200 MHz or faster. If you will be using the program for video editing, a FireWire port or analog to digital video capture card/box is also required. The program installed flawlessly on my Windows XP machine and I was up and running within minutes. The box comes without a printed manual, but there is an in depth tutorial included on the installation disc in PDF format.

One recommendation, the user should try to print out the manual if at all possible. This will make it infinitely easier to use the program. The tutorial is quite good, and points out step by step how to create easy projects using sample files included on the disc. It is basically a matter of drag and drop, and then tweak the files with each individual editor.

Within a matter of minutes I had created two slide shows complete with musical background and narration. Later I created a simple animation project and a simple video after editing some included video files. All in all, very well done tutorial and easy to use applications. Sound may be recorded and saved as .wav files or imported as .wav, .aif, . mov, .mws (movieworks sound), or .cda (CD sound files).

Video editing is also possible especially if you have a FireWire port on your computer. I could go on in great detail, but for the sake of brevity let me just say that the 5 applications are integrated quite well and afford you the opportunity to create not only static presentations but also interactive presentations where the viewer may choose which videos, slide shows, or animations to view by pressing on screen buttons. A surprisingly easy to use use program with professional looking results, and to sweeten the deal the cost of the program is but a fraction of using separate applications such as Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Macromedia Director. I am leaving out many features simply because listing all the features available with MovieWorks Deluxe is beyond the scope of this review, but suffice to say that it is a robust program capable of producing excellent results.

Support is available at the Movieworks web site. Sadly, I could not find any local vendors of this fine program but the online site lists several retailers and online vendors. The program sells for $99 and updates are available for $39. The current version is 6.0.1 which is not the version I reviewed in this article, but must be even better and more powerful than the 5.1 version reviewed here. I would highly recommend this program both for the novice and more experienced computer user.

Well, thatís it for this month, fellow Alamode Ėers. Till next time, have fun and donít get caught with your mouses (mice?) down.

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