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Software Review of:
T-Shirt Factory Deluxe 2.0


Larry Grosskopf is a Clinical Psychologist at the San Antonio State Hospital, with a love of computers. He and his better half, Marta, have two great children, Zoë, who is in 5th grade, and Jackson who is a 3rd grade student.

From the July 2003 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

Hey, how do you feel about making a statement? T-Shirt Factory Deluxe 2.0 is a software program that lets you take a plain piece of clothing and turn it into something smashing, sweet, silly or special. Do you have a favorite digital picture of your pet, a child or a grandchild? This program can let you make an iron-on transfer to put on a T-shirt or another cotton type fabric. If you have young children like I do, you have a wonderful opportunity to make them special T-shirts or other products that they will enjoy for the present but remember for always. Now, use your imagination and don’t stop there. You can make garments for yourself as well. You are only limited by your effort and imagination.

Before buying this product you should check to see that your system meets the minimum requirements to run the program. The computer system works with both Mac and PC compatible computers. For a PC, it needs to have a Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me or XP with ad Pentium 166 MHz or faster CPU, 64 MB of RAM, an 800 x 600 video display, and a CD-ROM drive. In addition, of course you need a printer. In my experience both past and present with this program, the better quality your inkjet printer, the better your results will be. The makers, Nova Development claim beautiful results with all popular inkjet printers, including Epson, HP, Canon and Lexmark. My testing of the program used a Xerox DocuPrint M-750 inkjet printer with solid results.

The program is very easy to use. It comes with over 500 fonts and typefaces and more than 6000 pre-made designs for those of us who might be “creativity-challenged.” You are not limited to using only those designs however. No sir, and in fact, you can use your own creative skills working with your original art or you have any of the 28,000 clip art and graphic images that are included on the three CD set. Inside the box, you will find an Adult XL sized T-shirt, but only 3 sheets of the transfer paper. As mentioned previously there are the 3 CD’s with tons of graphics, clip-art and images. But one really neat feature is that the program includes a built-in graphic editor that allows you to customize and edit images (See Figure 1). You can work with graphics in many major file formats, resize and rotate graphics, or add graphics from your scanner or digital camera. As far as text goes, there are pre-made sayings using a variety of textual font designs, multiple objects that you can add fill colors or gradients to and a selection of shapes to apply to the text.

As I have hinted at, it is a fairly simple process to actually make a T-shirt. Now, what I did was make a child’s T-shirt for my daughter. You can use this product to make designs for plain T-shirts, pocket Tees or any other cotton cloth material that you would like to decorate. I first designed one that I thought she would like, using some of the ready-made designs and then I had a brainstorm and figured, why not ask for her input! Genius move, I love to see her smile and when I showed her the one I did, I told her we could pick other horses from the clip-art images. She loves horses and takes horseback riding lessons. She wanted to see them all, so we took some time and investigated what else was there. We collaborated in the production process and had fun doing it. We changed shapes of text, changed colors and gradients and even some of the background shapes

The end result came out nicely when we printed it out and put it on the shirt. However, before that, I made an error, which may have been my fault, but I am still scratching in my head over it. What happened was this, when I printed it, the design was backwards. I told her that she can call it her “backwards-reading” T-shirt. Then, I showed her that when she looked in the mirror, she can read it fine. I corrected the mistake and printed it out the right way so that when I ironed on the transfer the second time, it came out perfectly.
The result I am still not sure if the error was mine or the programs. So, it is my obligation to warn you to be careful. Like the programs says, print out your design on a plain paper sheet before using the more expensive transfer paper. To my relief, Zoë was happy with both shirts. Now Jackson is clamoring for me to make him one, with a basketball sports theme.

I purchased this product from CompUSA locally, but you can also purchase it online from many different software vendors or direct from the Nova Development Website . It lists for $29.99 at the Nova Development Website and is the same price at Amazon.com with a $10 rebate special offer. The same price I paid when I purchased it at CompUSA ($19.99 after a $10 rebate).

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