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Game Review of:
Impossible Creatures


Travis is 13 years old and is a PC & PS2 game aficionado.

From the June, 2003 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

Impossible Creatures is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game with a very big twist. Your military units are combined creatures. There are over 50 real-world animals to choose from, which leaves you with over 40,000 possible mutant animals! But, the game allows only two creatures to be used at a time and your army can only have 9 different creatures at a time, but you can make a many duplicates as the unit limit will allow.

Multiplayer mode is only available online or on LAN, and although I use Road Runner (high-speed broadband) it still seems to work a little slow. If you run a broadband only game it will be a little faster though. It is easy and fairly fast. You play against other real people across the nation and chat using the keyboard, you cannot talk.

This is the first installment of Impossible Creatures and neither Relic Entertainment nor Microsoft Game Studios, the makers of the game, have mentioned a sequel, but are creating an expansion called Insect Invasion, which comes with 15 new insect creatures, 9 new abilities, new environments, multiplayer maps, tactics, and strategies. It will be a free download.

Other articles discussing Impossible Creatures say it may start a whole military units are combined creatures. There are over 50 real-world animals to choose new genre of games and is great. It does live up to its expectations and deliver the game on the box, but as the box says it is simple. I liked it, but soon got tired of it, and this is the first Real-Time Strategy I have ever played. It may seem like there are many ways to play, but they can all easily be beaten by even someone new to RTS. If you want a really odd game and/or a simple RTS Impossible Creatures is great, new-comers and RTS-pros alike will love the game, I definitely recommend it.

As I said I was very simple and easy to understand, the manuals had everything you needed to know except for the controls, you can only get the controls in a word document that you receive once you download the program. In the game there are five very useful tutorials. If you cannot figure something out there is technical support available.

The game requires Widows 98/ME/2000/XP, 128 MB RAM, 500MHz processor, 1.5 GB hard drive, 16 MB/3D video card, other things are a 4x CD, sound card & speakers/ headphones. For multiplayer you must have a 56.6 kbps modem or better, or a LAN network.

Impossible Creatures is available in most stores that sell PC games. Anywhere from Wal-Mart to EB Games. You can find it in these types of stores locally. You can also order directly or on the Internet, but there doesn’t seem to be any places where it is ordered over the phone. It sells for $30.00, but the suggested retail is $35.00. You can get it from EB Games for $30.00 at Alamo Quarry Market on 255 E Basse Road in San Antonio, TX 78209. The phone number is 210-805-9088

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