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Software Review of:
GoBack 3 Deluxe
Roxio, Inc.


Bill Klutz does consulting work, primarily in the areas of Management and Computer Applications/Hardware/Software.

From the January, 2003 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

"Instant System Recovery"; "The Power to Undo PC Problems"; "Make PC Problems Disappear, As If They Never Happened". . . Sounds almost too good to be true. It can be, if you have this program.

I am sure there have been times when you wished you could travel "back in time" to make a mistake (sometimes a "stupid" mistake) disappear? GoBack 3 Deluxe, from Roxio, gives almost anyone the power to undo "stupid" (and accidental) mistakes, the power to undo serious system problems and recover lost or damaged data, the power to restore a system to normal operation in almost seconds. You don't even have to know what went wrong. You simply return your PC to a time when you know it was working properly and your data was intact.

GoBack 3 Deluxe helps alleviates the fear of installing new software because it can provide immediate recovery for a corrupted installation. It eliminates the hassles and headaches of fixing many common PC problems, including system crashes, virus attacks and user error. A computer operator can just "step back in time"A time when things were running smooth with a few simple clicks of the mouse. You're back to work in no time, with (hopefully) no need for outside assistance!

GoBack 3 Deluxe can save you time and money. No more troubleshooting on your own with only the seemingly "unintelligible" error messages to guide you. No more countless hours on the phone with long distance technical support (Ca-Ching, Ca-Ching, goes the $$ meter while you listen to the company sales pitch, or music you can't stand, or wait for the "help" to seemingly take a lunch break). Just a couple of clicks and you can travel back in time! Your computer and data stay
protected and you stay productive!

Once installed, GoBack 3 Deluxe works transparently and continuously, tracking every move you make that affects your PC. You can retrieve specific files or restore your entire hard drive to any moment in recent history with the push of one button. With GoBack you'll almost be able to forget about the hassles and headaches of troubleshooting.


  • File Rescue: 
    Instantly restore files that have been changed or deleted by a hard drive revert.
  • Simplified Drive Revert: 
    Select from a short list of clearly defined restore points.
  • Password Protection: 
    Restrict access to hard disk revert privileges and to proprietary data stored in the GoBack History.
  • Auto-Revert: 
    Automatically revert public-access or shared computers to a predetermined "clean state".
  • Windows XP Support: 
    The award-winning recovery utility is now supporting Windows XP users.

A good deal at $49.95, but a better deal at $29.95 ($20 mail-in rebate for either the boxed version or the 7.8 MB download version). Yes I should have told you about this "Stocking Stuffer" in December, but it didn't happen. If you get it today, you will thank me today or tomorrow (when you need to recover from the self inflicted "Oh No!" problem).

System minimum requirements: 
IBM PC or compatible (166 MHz+); Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4 Workstation, 2000 Professional, XP Home or Professional; 64 MB RAM; 200 MB free HD space; 800x600 display resolution; 256 colors; CD-Drive if not electronically downloaded; Audio support to run tutorial.

Contact Information: 

Roxio, Inc
461 South Milpitas, Blvd.
Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: 866-279-7694 or 408-946-4949 PST (M-F 6 AM-5 PM)

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