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Software Review of:
From Executive Software



Joe and Marion Barth

From the January, 2003 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

This program is the answer to one of the problems we have faced as our system ages and seems to like to challenge us with new problems all the time.

When we have tried to do system maintenance using the included systems in Windows 98 SE, we continued to run into a problem when attempting to defragment the hard drive. Seems like the program gets into a loop and never does the defrag because of a perceived glitch.

We followed up on a tip from Bob Click’s monthly column (From The Deals Guy) which is furnished to us at no charge and has all sorts of good deals for computer users. Bob’s column sent us to Executive for the FREE trial of the full fledged program and, would you believe, the FREE download of a LITE program.

We jumped at the chance and the download and setup went without a problem. When we used the LITE program to analyze the hard drive we were told it was in pretty sad shape. 

The click on the DEFRAGMENT NOW button started the program and it ran without a hitch, reported itself completed and told me about the problems it encountered and fixed. It was just that simple.

We have to run the program manually but Executive Software offers a version that will automatically run on a scheduled basis and has many other features. The program is $29.95 as a download and $34.95 for the CD and manual.

Easy and effective defrags in a fairly fast time (less than 40 minutes) and it is free. Go for it!

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