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Software Review of:
WinCleaner One-Click!
Ultra 2002


Bruce is recently retired from the Army and a regular volunteer at the Doctors In. He is A+, Network+, i-Net, certified as well as a Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows XP, and provides on-site computer services to individuals and businesses.  www.ccomputercare.us

From the January, 2003 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

I’ve used several uninstaller programs and have until recently resorted to simply running Windows’ add remove programs. This is an incomplete solution at best. There are many things to like about WinCleaner. It is not just another uninstaller/Windows clean up piece of software.

One thing that I found that sets WinCleaner apart is the fact that you can run it straight from the CD. You don’t have to take the time to install it and have it take up space, making another icon on your computer desktop, when you only want to do some quick cleaning/uninstalling. WinCleaner will also scan network drives for junk and unwanted files. Obviously this can be handy when you’re trying to keep your network free of junk and clutter.

All you have to do is stick the CD in your computer and it asks you if you want to install WinCleaner or run it from the CD. If your speakers are turned up you’ll be greeted with some soothing music – I guess some people listen to music while they are cleaning – these guys didn’t miss a step.

Once the program is running you will have the option to cleanup your temporary files and Internet junk, cleanup your privacy, clean your registry, uninstall programs and even move programs to and from different drives or simply click on the One Click button – recommended for novice users. Basically the One Click button does all the other fore mentioned task with…just one click. You also have the option to undo what you’ve done in case you made a mistake. You have the option to go in and change the settings and tell the one click button which drives to check, whether to clean temp files, make backups of files it cleans and so forth.

Other programs, such as Norton’s Clean Sweep want to be installed before you install all the stuff you want to uninstall…make sense? WinCleaner uses Windows built in uninstaller for most of it’s uninstall function but as mentioned it has several other useful functions.

I found WinCleaner easy to install, if that’s what you want to do since you can use the program without even installing it and easy to use. So, if you’re looking to do a little cleaning in short order WinCleaner is worth taking a look at. 

You can find WinCleaner Ultra One Click online or you can pick it up at Best Buy, CompUSA or other local stores that carry software for $30.00. The makers of Win Cleaner, Business Logic Corporation, also make some other nice utilities that do various things.

System requirements:
Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP & XP Professional, 16 MB of Ram, 3 MB of Hard Disk Space, 16 Bit Graphics Card. Requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

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