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From the July, 2002 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

ZoneAlarm is a great freeware download if you need a firewall. (Of course, they want you to buy a Pro version that will give you all the details about who is trying to hit you and what they want to do with it.) You have control of who can get through and levels of choices about who can’t. 

I can not compare it to McAfee; as I have never had McAfee. I can compare it to Norton 2002 and it is much less intrusive. You can turn off the sign that gives you information. With Norton a banner kept coming up and distracting me. I am not a “techie”, and I could care less what the problem is as long as it lets me function my computer without interruption and keeps my computer safe. It automatically quarantines anything questionable and sends it back to their site for analysis. 

With Norton I think you have to take action to send it back to then. I have Norton Antivirus and the two seem to live together happily and compatibly. ZoneAlarm works well on all versions of Windows from Windows95 through Windows XP. Also it is a lot cheaper than buying Norton Internet Security, and takes up less space on your hard drive. I am running it on XP in Windows 2000 Compatibility mode. Go to Zone Labs and look for the free download button. Again, we are talking about Freeware and the price is right, especially with what we get paid at Alamo PC and SrComp: Nada- zip - nothing! Everything around the Resource Center is a labor of love with the computer world.

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