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A great deal


Joe and Marion Barth are retired and are spoiling their grandkids. They are active teachers and volunteers with APCO and Joe is currently the treasurer. They are volunteers with the American Red Cross in Disaster Services and love to travel.

From the July, 2002 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

Joe Barth has contributed several articles referring to himself as “Cheap Charlie” and he isn’t kidding. He enjoys getting a great deal and free is hard to beat.

Marion has been known to spend a few dollars hear and there so the more Joe doesn’t spend is all to the better for her.

They are both active in their church and part of the ministry is a three-day weekend event called the Walk to Emmaus. One of the features to the walk is to display letters of encouragement from communities throughout the world and Marion and Joe send out the letters from San Antonio via the internet.

Now, if you have ever had to wait for a large file (775K) to download on a modem at 28.8 or so, you can be in for a long wait with many opportunities for crashes to interrupt the download.

Another problem is that not everyone in the world uses Word so WordPerfect is a big player in word processing but one cannot always read the others format.

Winzip takes a file and compresses it. It shrinks the 775K file to a more manageable file of about 330K more than a 50 percent reduction in transmission time.

The reader program will allow you to open the file you have received and use it as you wish. This is a free program from WinZip and is very easy to use.

The other part of the system is the Winzip program that allows you to archive the files and to send them to anyone you wish as an .exe file so that they simply click on the file and it will open.

Note to all: Be sure you have an active virus checking program that will check zipped files and all files with an .exe extention to avoid a problem with viri.

 You can download an evaluation copy of the entire program at the site above but please remember that you must pay for the program (only $29) if you keep it. The reader is free so you can’t lose.

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