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Software Review of:
98 Lite Utility


Durand C. 'Randy" Waters is a long-time member of the Alamo PC Organization and a staunch member of its Food SIG. In December he retired from the USAF Reserve and at the end of May from Civil Service. Now he is desperately trying to find some remunerative pastime to keep from under his better half's feet, so as not to disturb the routine she has established in four years of retirement from teaching.

From the July, 2002 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

It has been awhile since I have written an article or review, so some of you might now remember that I am not a Microsoft fan. Of course, if your Operating System (OS) is not Linux, Macintosh, UNIX or some other non-Microsoft one, you do not have much choice.

But what if you like a non-Microsoft browser or e-mail program? Say Netscape or Eudora.

Do you still have to leave Internet Explorer and Outlook Express on your system? If you try to remove either one of them using the Add/Remove Programs icon in Control Panel, you are provided with dire warnings that your version of Windows may not work because you are taking out an integral part of the operating system.

The answer has always been no, but now you can remove those two Microsoft programs without any worry and gain added convenience in the process.

So how do you do this? Well, someone told me to search (Google is my favorite) for 98lite and when I did I found LitePC .  Of course they are a for-profit company, so the link to the free software is number five of six in a menu that is ever present in the upper right hand corner of all the pages I looked at on their site.

So what does their free software do? “98lite PREVIEW customizes the Windows 98 Explorer shell, accessorises and accelerates the Windows 98 Operating System and can remove Internet Explorer.  It is a free, feature rich, no-nags edition to trial, or use for life.” Also, if you have room on your hard drive, it will move all the “cab” files to it, so you do not have to get it out every time you need to add or update something (remember add convenience in the process, above?).

There was another program that removed Outlook Express, but I cannot seem to find it. It may be that function has been added to their other programs.

Did it install easily and do as advertised? Yes.

Does it work. Yes. I have not had any problems with my Dell Latitude LM P133 MHZ Notebook since removing those two programs. When I had the original 1.4 MB hard drive (HD), I was not able to add the “cab” files, but thanks to a trade at a recent Computer Fest, there was plenty of room on my 4.6 MB HD (Remember, this is only a Pentium notebook with 42 MB of RAM).

What are the other programs offered?: 98lite Professional v4.6; 98lite; Upgrades and patches; International Language Modules; IEradicator & IEradicator 2001 (Windows 95/98/Me/2000 in 8 different languages); Startup/Shutdown Screens (Figure 2); 33 FAQs in 8 sections and they are just waiting for users to ask more!

To get an feel for their customer approach, it might be valuable to see section 1, Why FAQ?

  1. Why do we have the FAQ?
    Because otherwise we get too much e-mail. Hopefully this answers the common questions.

  2. My question is not in this FAQ
    Sorry! New material is added based on the e-mails and forum postings. If you feel strongly that we are missing something big post to the SUPPORT DESK and put FAQ in the subject somewhere. 
Who is this company and how do you contact them?
litePC.com is a division of 
Brooks Innovations Pty Ltd, Australia
45 Thorngate Drive
Belair S.A. 5052  AUSTRALIA
E-mail:  sales@litepc.com 
Phone/Fax/VoiceMail: (08) 8278 7417
International Fax/VoiceMail: +61 8 8278 7417 ( Local Time ) 

I suggest e-mail, though I did not need any help with this product. It worked as advertised and I am very happy with it.

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