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Software Review of:
Password Generator


Larry Grosskopf is a Clinical Psychologist at the San Antonio State Hospital, with a keen interest in computers. He and Marta, his wife, are raising two children, Zoë, age 9 and Jackson, age 7.

From the July, 2002 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

Passwords are a cumbersome protection and privacy tool that is universally or almost universally used from Internet web sites to log-on profiles at many workplaces.  If you do much work with computers, you are familiar with the fact that they can accumulate very quickly. After you have created or made up a password, it is important for you to remember it. Not only that, you want to make sure that the password you generate or make up cannot be easily guessed. 

Password Generator is a freeware program that allows you to create any quantity of passwords with one easy click of the mouse. If you are like me, and you generate or have a number of “memberships” or multiple sites that you may “log on to,” either frequently or infrequently, then this program will let you generate passwords that would make it very difficult for anyone to guess. You can generate passwords from 1-24 symbols in length. You can program it to exclude similar or difficult to discern symbols such as capital O’s and zeroes, capital I’s and the numeral 1. Additionally, you can include special symbols like !, or #, into the password. There is even a special algorithm that adds vowels to the generated passwords to make pronunciation easier. Finally, you can test your passwords to make sure you know them before using them. You can then save a single password or a password list to a text file or to the clipboard.

The program installed easily on my system and does not go into the registry to add layers and slow down or muck up your system. The most recent version is 1.21 and it was updated in February of 2002. It is also packaged as a very compact zip file, taking up only 24 KB of download space. When you have forgotten a password or, as in my case, many passwords, then this program is a better mousetrap for you acquire. There are many, many password generators out there for you to choose from. I like this one because it has proficiency built into it’s simplicity.


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