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Gary Grieve is an avid computer user, member of the Alamo PC Organization, SIG Leader for the Word 2000 and Excel 2000 SIGs and a computer Doc for Alamo PC's The Doctor Is In program.

From the July, 2002 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

Do you ever get tired of having to find and insert your Win CD when installing a device or driver (or whenever MS decides you need to get out your CD and dust it off). You know the message that says Please Insert Your Win xx CD. Well there is a way around this irritating little time waster. Go to  AnalogX  and download a little freeware program called BanishCD. It gives information about what to do and provides a picture of what the entry screen looks like. I was told about this program by Andrew Cooper, a fellow computer Doctor that works on Friday mornings with The Doctor Is In program. 

First you copy your cabs files, or copy the Win xx folder, from the Win xx CD to your hard drive. Note the name of the new folder you created. Download, install then start up BanishCD. It will display the stored location of your Win xx CD. It will then give you a chance to browse through your system to find and select the new folder on your hard drive that you just created. Then, no more inserting the CD! I have tried it on multiple systems and it works great. This works with Win 95, 98, 98SE and ME.

If in the future you want to revert to the previous method, you can start up BanishCD and restore the saved location. You can also change the location again in BanishCD if you move the folder.

The web site gives the following credit: The original concept for this program came from The Screen Savers on ZDTV, which has a whole host of tips and tricks for tweaking your Windows system.

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