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Software Review of:
Three shareware programs
for the Palm


Susan Ives is a past president of Alamo PC and currently the director of marketing. She has a Palm 505.

From the July, 2002 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

Tik-Tok for the Palm
I have a lot of things that I need to time. I give a lot of speeches and most groups let me know that they'll start throwing rotten tomatoes if I talk too much.. I sometimes have to time other speakers and threaten to heave vegetation at them when their time is up. I boil my eggs for seven minutes. I limit my computer game playing to 15 minutes a session. I bill clients by the hour. When I was doing radio and TV news I had to time spots.

Tik-Tok is a basic timer program for the Palm Handheld. It can time up to 36 things at once, not that I ever do 36 things at once. It can count up, giving you a running total of how long you are doing something, and it can count down in predetermined amounts, such as one-five minutes, an hour or a day, and then sound an alarm. It continues timing when the Palm is shut off. The timings can be paused and restarted. The records stay there until you clear them.

This isn't a precise timer that you would want to use for a race but it's good enough for what I do. It's free and works with every version of the Palm OS.

Geek Sounds for Palm 
A Palm comes with sounds, but they are boring beeps and buzzes. When I want an alarm to go off, I want an interesting alarm! Geek Sounds is a collection of several dozen new sounds for the Palm. They are well geeky. Most application that use sound like the datebook and Tik Tok, described above, allow you to configure sounds. With the application open, select options-preferences. There is usually an alarm option. Geek sounds has everything from the Monty Python Theme to Bach Partita 3. This week I'm playing the Flintstones theme.Go for it. 

iSilo Free for Palm
iSilo is a Palm handheld program that creates and displays data that is formatted in Hypertext Markup Language. Before your eyes glaze over, let me tell you how I use it. 

On the Dotti's Weight Loss Zone Web site there is a list of more than 100 restaurants, with many of the menu items listed by calories, fat, fiber and carbohydrate grams and Weight Watcher points. There is a version that can be downloaded onto the Palm, in iSilo format. I can do a quick and discreet check to make sure I make good food choices. Take Schlotzky's Deli, the one located in the food court across from the Alamo PC Resource Center. That small deluxe original is calling my name. It's small - how many calories can it be? I look it up. 1044 calories. Scanning down the list in my Palm, I could instead select a small pesto chicken on sourdough (346 calories) with a garden salad (25 calories) and light Italian dressing (90 calories) a cup of chicken tortilla soup (167 calories) and an oatmeal raisin cookie (150 calories) for only 778 calories. And I probably can't eat it all. 

Dottie's list has everything from Starbucks to Taco Cabana. You need good information to make good choices. And you need the information at your fingertips - not on a printout on your desk. Download Dotti's restaurant list and start taking control!

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