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Software Review of:
State Explorer
BLM Edition For Colorado


Bill Klutz does consulting work, primarily in the areas of Management and Computer Applications/Hardware/Software.

From the June, 2002 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

Maptrails produces interactive topographic maps and guides with GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) interface on CD. There is a full line of interactive trail guides and topo mapping products including Wilderness Explorer (under $30), State Explorer and State Explorer - BLM Edition (under $50), plus Alaska Explorer (under $120). The 2002 update for Philmont Interactive Ranger is also available! Plus, software updates provide expanded printing capabilities and additional GPS support.

The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality product available in the digital mapping market. Therefore, they guarantee their products to be free of material and map image defects. If you purchase a Maptrails product and discover that it has a material or map image defect, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

The maps they scan into each product are the most current available from the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Geological Survey agencies. They do not, however, guarantee the map information provided by those agencies. They also do not guarantee their products against sun exposure, a customer's defective computer, and all other sources of defect out of their control. Sounds like they may have previously encountered one or more of these areas.

Colorado Wilderness Explorer: 
Provides an interactive trail guide on CD, combining 7.5 minute USGS topographic maps with information and images from the best-selling guide book, "The Complete Guide To Colorado's Wilderness Areas" by John Fielder and Mark Pearson. For individuals visiting Colorado, who might be interested in checking out some of the trails, the CD should be helpful.

State Explorer BLM Edition delivers all the high quality BLM (Bureau of Land Management) interactive topographic maps, plus full featured, interactive mapping and customization tools for an entire state, on one CD. The software also adds almost every tool you might need to plan your next outdoor adventure. It includes the highest quality 1:100,000 scale BLM maps for an entire state and the high quality 1:100,000 scale USGS topographic maps, on one CD. Imagine having all the topographic maps for an entire state at your fingertips. Add to that features previously reserved for much higher priced software applications and you have Maptrails State Explorer. 

Note: Where BLM maps are not available in CA, WA and OR, USGS 1:100K maps are substituted.

What do BLM Maps Have That USGS Topo Maps Don't?  State Lands; Route Markers; National Forests; National Grasslands; BLM Administrative Lands; BLM Roads; County Roads; Indian Lands and Reservations; Public and Private Land Status; National Parks and Monuments; Roads with Public Access; State, County, City, Wildlife, Park and Outdoor Recreation Areas; Recreational Sites, Trails and Areas; Townships; Section and Range Designations; and more.

The USGS topographic maps, satellite imagery, BLM maps and aerial photography seamlessly downloaded via the Internet from a national coverage web server into a fully interactive mapping and navigation system with GPS interface, makes for very special software. Tandem View interface and customization tools help create the most detailed and accurate maps available. Tandem View combines the detailed topography of the USGS 7.5 minute maps with the Bureau of Land Management maps to display a unique and powerful mapping system.

Figure 1 shows a route that has been plotted over a particular piece of terrain. In the upper portion of the depiction is the map information (roads, trails, elevation lines, etc.). In the bottom portion is the depiction of the "rise and fall" in elevation over the course of the route. That could be extremely helpful for individuals who desire to be in the outdoors, but who have a physical condition which would require a route with little "rise and fall" in elevation. They can adjust the route to achieve the desired results.

System Requirements: 
None printed on the software box and the Web site was not available over several days of attempts. Sorry for not being able to provide info here.

Contact Information: 

Maptrails, Inc.
120 West Olive Street, Suite 204
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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