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Clarke Bird gets turned around in his backyard without a map. Thank's to map software, he always makes it home in time for dinner.

From the June, 2002 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

We are planning a family reunion this June on Hilton Head, South Carolina. Marilyn’s brother is driving from Lynchburg, Virginia, one of his son’s is driving from Annapolis, Maryland. Our son is driving from Lexington, Kentucky. The rest of us are flying from various locations to Jacksonville, Florida, renting a car and driving on to Hilton Head.

So we will need a lot of driving directions to find the house we are renting on Hilton Head.

I decided to use Mapquest to get driving directions for my son’s drive from Lexington and a map showing the location of the house on Sea Pines Drive. 

Mapquest offers the user several choices: create a map, produce driving directions, and produce a road trip planner.

For the road trip, step one is to input the address or city you are leaving from and the street address or city of your destination 

I printed the detailed driving directions from Lexington to Hilton Head. The program indicated that the distance would be 596 miles and take just over 10 hours to drive — which is driving an average of 60 mph. Knowing our son, he will cut that to 8.5 hours but it will still be a long day of driving.

I did the same exercise for driving directions from the Jacksonville, Florida airport to Hilton Head. I think we’re “good to go”.

Mapquest is used online by going to www.mapquest.com and following directions which are as simple as stepping off a curb. Best of all is the price. It’s free.

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