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Software Review of:
Quattro Pro
version 10


From the March, 2002 issue of PC Alamode Magazine

It is amazing that no matter how much things change, they really stay the same Back about 1980 I was working for the Accounting Department of North East School District. I had charge of the Food Service books. Each school cafeteria and each school snack bar (high schools and middle schools) was a separate entity. Think of all the items that go into making a lunch, as well as the cooks, the custodians to clean up, etc. The District had a about fifty-five sub-sets of books. Each entity received milk deliveries each day, as well as other items necessary for food preparation. The District’s NCR machines were on their very last legs. Personal Computers were the “new thing.” This was the time of the switch from 540 Kb of memory on the mother board to 640. Even with 640 it was impossible to get the information for all of  the entities on three spread sheets of the then “spreadsheet program” (Lotus 1-2-3). The program said you could have x number of rows. It did not indicate that the length of the rows and your available memory limited these rows. 

Borland introduced the spread sheet Quattro. This product was much less expensive than the dominant spread sheet, which meant that I could purchase a personal copy. Things were working better. It was not long before Paradox, the relational data base, was introduced. What a major improvement that was! It was then easy to add all the bills of each cafeteria or snack bar together and also come up with a total owed to each company. It was still easier to keep the profit and loss summary and balance sheet in a spreadsheet program such as Quattro.

In 2002, we now have 164 MB, 256, or even more memory in our computers. I still use Quattro Pro for spreadsheets on a family-owned business.

Today, Quattro Pro comes bundled as one of the business tools in WordPerfect’s Office 2002 Suite and matches Microsoft Excel feature for feature. The current version is Quattro Pro 10. A notebook can be set up to have 18,278 sheets, 18,278 columns, and 1,000,000 rows, for a total of 334,085,284,000,000 cells, plus an object page which stores copies of all the charts, graphs, custom dialogue boxes and maps. When you save the notebook, Quattro Pro saves all of its spreadsheets. A sheet in the notebook can share information with other sheets, and even have impact on other sheets or the entire notebook. A window may be split so that different parts of the notebook or different parts of the sheet may be seen at once.

Quattro Pro 10 allows you to save spreadsheets in formats other than its own, and it also allows you to open files created by other spreadsheet and database programs. These programs include Quattro versions for Windows and DOS, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Paradox, and DBASE. Quicken Interchange Format files may be opened and read, but not written to.

When you have more than one series in Quattro Pro 10, you can include a legend that explains what each series represents. A Chart Expert is available to help create charts; graphs may be resized; data organized by geographical regions can be shown on a chart map. You can customize a spreadsheet, chart, or map by adding text boxes, arrows, and other objects that can be drawn, and you may work with layers.

Quattro Pro 10 is capable of analyzing information based on two or more variables (Cross Tabulation or Cross Tab) and helps you create them. The program also offers the following features to help you analyze your data: 

  • advanced regression
  • amortization schedules
  • one-way ANOVA, two-way ANOVA (with and without replication), correlation, convariance
  • descriptive statistics
  • exponential smoothing
  • fourier transformation
  • f-test, histogram
  • mortgage refinancing
  • moving average
  • random number
  • rank and percentile
  • sampling
  • t-test
  • z-test.

As you can see, even after almost twenty years, Quattro Pro is a great program!

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