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by Chris Blaney

Have you ever had a pen pal that you’d write letters to? Or met a real good friend over the internet in a chatroom? Maybe you just might like to talk to someone from Australia or England then this is a program for you. Imagine if you will your own personal phone inside your computer that looks like a real cellphone and you can make free calls on it to anyone in the world and talk with real people. With PhoneFree all this and more is possible. 

 This program can be found at its website, which is can download a free trial version of it that’s only 350 Kbytes. Also, you can order the full version of PhoneFree Gold 3.1 right from the website, or through an easy 800 number. The free trial version will stay on your PC for 15 days, and it will conveniently tell you how many more days it will be activated. Order the full version of PhoneFree Gold 3.1 for only $29 dollars for two copies, that way you get a copy to send to a family member or a friend that lives far away. It requires an Internet connection. 

 As many wonderful utilities as this program has, I am sure you will agree with me that the best feature is that it kicks those old long distance phone bills out the door. It comes with an online directory that helps you find people to talk to by topic, country, alphabetically, and there is also a search page to help find people more your style to talk to. Also another one of my favorite things about this program is that it has voicemail. 

 Lets say your friend wanted to talk to you about something important, well, all they’d have to do is leave you a voicemail telling you that they need to talk. Or if someone just wanted to talk to you and you weren’t able to answer it they can leave a message, just like an answering machine. You can also put on an O.G.M (Out Going Message) on it for when you can’t answer. Also with the voicemail you can send an email, or an attachment such as a picture or a soundfile. (When was the last time your cellphone could do that?) There are other features of the program including text chat, and a white board, just in case you feel so inclined. 

The program’s interface is pretty simple; you just go to one of the topic pages and select a user to call. Then once the connection is established you’re off! And the options make it so easy to get started. 

 And just in case you are wondering, I also use this program. So if you would like to give me a ring my PhoneFree number is 180469 or get in contact with me via Email address,

 Chris Blaney is a 17-year-old in senior high school. He lives in Fairfield, Ca. He spends his summers in San Antonio with his grandfather, Senior Comp guru Les Hudson (and at Seaworld).