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Review of:
CuteFTP 2.0
by David Steward

CuteFTP, published by San Antonio based Globalscape, is one of the neatest programs that I have added to my library. As its name implies, CuteFTP is an FTP front end. For those of you "Internet savvy" readers, the following paragraph might seem a little boring, but, I assure you the program isn't. 

 FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol". Originally Unix based, FTP has been the choice protocol for moving files between one Internet site and another. Similar to other transfer types such as Zmodem and Xmodem, the program splits files into smaller packets and sends them across the connection in bursts. Originally, being a Unix product, it was fairly difficult to use because of the strict command line language that was required. As more PC users started to use the Internet, having a graphical interface seemed desirable. CuteFTP is such a product. 

 The graphical interface is almost totally "point and click" and "drag and drop" compliant, making it one of the easiest programs to learn. When you start the program, a dialog box appears and prompts you to log onto an FTP site. After logging onto an FTP site, the interface is split it two pieces. One side is the local side ( your machine ) and the other is the remote side ( the FTP site ). To download files, you merely point to the file or directory of files that you want to transfer to you machine, hold down the left mouse button, and drag them over to the local side of the interface. CuteFTP does the rest. 

 Another great feature of CuteFTP is the ability to automate routine tasks, such as maintaining your own personal or corporate web site. After performing all of the tasks one time, CuteFTP "learns" and can then upload and update your web site with any changed files that you provide to it. This feature alone is worth the price of the program. 

 Other new features contained in version 2.0 are remote file editing and the ability to perform system based operations like "make a directory" or "delete a file" on the remote system. CuteFTP can also resume broken downloads automatically. 

 Overall, I give CuteFTP a full 4 stars for it ease of use, reliability and amount of options that are built into the package. Installation was basically automated, making it easy for even the newest of computer user to use. 

 A shareware version of CuteFTP is available from their web site at You can also register the program on their web site for $34.95. 

 Bottom line: If you use the Internet, get CuteFTP.