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Review of:
Keyboard Express 

for Windows 95 
by Phyllis Christian, Alamo PC

The most current trinket for my taskbar is Keyboard Express for Win 95. I don't know how or why I have been without it all this time. If you have ANY repetitive text, such as net names, passwords, form mail, word processors - anything at all - it will insertit where you point the cursor. Keyboard Express is a Windows keyboard macro. Simply enter in text or auto-capturee for easy playback. Assign up to 288 hot keys with up to 5,000 keystrokes each. You can easily add, modify, delete and copy hot keys. You can also add the current date and time to keystrokes; for example, you can easily paste the currrent date and return address into your word processor. The program runs transparently in the background. 

 This is a shareware program, available on the BBS as KEYE32.ZIP. It is a timed/dated release, sufficient for you to make up your mind to keep it or get rid of it.. To register it costs $29.95. It is also available through