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Review of:
Internet in a Nutshell
by John VanNest, Alamo PC

Being new to the Internet, I selected this book to get as many tips about it I could. 

 The book is 431 pages in fine print. If you have an eye problem, you will find it difficult to read. This book gives a brief history of the Internet followed by general information about the various services you can access on the Net, as well as to provide a reference to the tools and tricks that will help you get the most out of them. 

The book will help new and seasoned surfers who occasionally needs to remember shortcuts or syntax. The book is oriented in eight parts. 

Part One gives a fast moving overview of the Net and helps clarify how everything fits together. 

 Part Two, it covers Netscape Navigator (Version 4.01) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 3.02). No other browsers. 

Part Three covers "finding stuff". It points out sites of general interest, and explains how to use the search engines to find sites related to your personal interest. 

Part Four goes into E-mail and Usenet news. I found the information on tips and "netiquette" helpful in understanding and using these programs from a learner point of view. 

 Part Five covers the various file types, how to transfer them with FTP, and how to work with compressed and archived files. 

 Part Six covers helper applications, which are external applications your browser can call upon to handle particular files, and plug-ins, which are helper apps that are incorporated directly into the browser. 

Part Seven covers how to publish your own Web documents. It also discusses how to create HTML files, and gives a brief introduction to incorporating static images, animation, and some Java applets into your home page. 

Part Eight gives an overview and reference to Internet Relay Chat (IRC). 

 All areas above are covered in layman terms and give specific steps to implement the topics covered. Chapter 8 gives an excellent table of IRC commands and what they mean. 

Overall, I found the book very helpful and recommend it to those who want a good reference book. Suggested retail price $19.95. I could find it locally only at Book Stop. 

I am a retired teacher in my mid-70,s and have only two years of tinkering with a 486 computer and Internet only one year.