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by Vade Forrester, Alamo PC

No, that's not a rude comment, but the name of a neat shareware enhancement for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. If you use a program with a floating toolbar (other than the Windows taskbar), you know how easy it is for the toolbar to cover up the title bar of a program window. You can fix it by dragging the toolbar away from the edge of the screen into a floating configuration, then drag it back to the edge and dock it there. That will force the window of a running program to snap into position so its title bar is not under the toolbar. If a program is toolbar-aware, it shouldn't behave that way, but many do, including all those in Microsoft Office. 

 The shareware program called Shove-It automatically pushes your windows into the proper position under a toolbar. Shove-It runs in the background and (accompanied by a sound effect that sounds like something being pushed into place) moves any misbehaving application out from underneath the toolbar. That's all it does, but it's effective and fast. 

 A company called Phord Software produces Shove-It and sells it for $15; easily a bargain for the added functionality. Contact them at Phord Software, 1463 Janice Court, Lilburn, GA 30247, Phil Hord -,