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by Durand C.'Randy' Waters

NOVABack, for backing up tape drives, works on the following operating Systems: MS-DOS, MS Windows 3.x/95/NT, and OS/2. There is one screen that has a Windows Explorer appearance. All you have to do is check the drives (left pane) or folders (right pane) you want to backup and click the Backup button. The default is with compression on (2:1) and to verify backup after complete. The backup took five DC 2120 tapes and the verify started automatically. 

Unfortunately, the verify function was never able to get past the third tape. This was tried twice. 

The 62-page guide is in six languages. The English section is only four pages long. There is an additional four-page section on Disk to Disk backup, too. Even though it is short, it is a good guide. The figures explain how to use all the 'button' functions of the program. 

 Test Platform
This evaluations was performed on a MUX Mini-Tower with a Cyrix 686/200 MHz, 2 MB VRAM, 32 MB of RAM, and 1.0 GB Hard Drive running Windows 95, Service Release 1. Installation
Only the MS Windows 95 version was evaluated. The guide instructed the installation to the a:\ drive and gave no instructions for installing from a CD-ROM, which was the only media included. There were no problems during the setup. A Colorado Memory Systems (now owned by Hewlett Packard) Trakker 250 MB, external, parallel tape backup was the hardware used. Once MS Windows 95 recognized it, there was no problem with the program accessing it. 

Only demo or purchase files were available at

 Uninstalling This feature was not tested, but there was an entry for it in the Add/Remove Programs dialogue box. 

 Availability and Cost
The price on their web page was $49.50. I have not seen it in any of the local stores, but I was mailed a CD-ROM called NovaWorks Security Suite (Backup, Anti-Virus and Encryption) approximately a month ago. It is offered for $49.50 on their web page. 

 NOVaSTOR Corporation- 80-B West Cochran, Simi Valley, CA 93065, (805) 579-6700, FAX (805) 579-6710,, e-mail: Recommendation
Without being able to verify the backup, I cannot give this software program a positive recommendation. Of course, there may be some tweaking that needs to be done to make everything to work better, but time for that was not available for this review.