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Review of:
Encryption DataSAFE
by Durand C. 'Randy' Waters,

DataSAFE, for Windows 3.x/95/NT looks just like a safe and is very intuitive to operate. You can 'drag and drop' files into it, give them passwords, establish a safety deposit box, 'drag and drop' files into it and then, after closing the box, putting it into the safe. 

 There was no problem in retrieving files from the safe, as long as you remember your passwords. I was not able to evaluate the E-Mail capability of the program, but the documentation stated that recipients only needed to know the password you (not a good idea) used and not have DataSAFE program. An interesting capability. 


The 58-page user's manual is divided into seven chapters. Chapter 1 gives a good explanation of the key features of DataSAFE, how it operates, an explanation of the toolbar buttons and registration starting (NOVaSTOR in the USA and authentex in Canada). Chapter 2 covers installation the software and about the user password capability. Chapter 3 covers various ways to add files to the safe.. Chapter 4 explains locking the safer and saving its contents. Chapter 5 details how to work with material in the safe. Chapter 6 additional capabilities, such as compressing files and putting lock boxes within the safe. Chapter 7 covers common problems users have encountered. 

 Test Platform
This evaluations was performed on a MUX Mini-Tower with a Cyrix 686/200 MHz, 2 MB VRAM, 32 MB of RAM, and 1.0 GB Hard Drive running Windows 95, Service Release 1. 

Only demo or purchase files were available at

This feature was not tested, but there was an entry for it in the Add/Remove Programs dialogue box. 

Availability and Cost

The price for DataSAFE on their web page was $39.50. I have not seen it in any of the local stores, but I was mailed a CD-ROM called NovaWorks Security Suite (Backup, Anti-Virus and Encryption) approximately a month ago. It is offered for $49.50 on their web page. 

 NOVaSTOR authentex - 80-B West Cochran, Simi Valley, CA 93065, (805) 579-6700, FAX (805) 579-6710, BBS (805) 579-6720,,


This program is very good for situations where several people use the same computer and are keeping confidential information on it. There were no problems in any of its operations.