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Lotus WordPro 96 for Windows 97 
Book Review by Cliff Hayes

photo of book coverOh, Boy, I thought, here I have had this WORD PRO 96 program in my computer for some time and have not had the heart to try learning something so new and different. Now I will draw this book about it and really learn it for free. After all, I have been using Professional Write for years. It is not even available for sale any more and now it is time to move forward. My first shock was in learning that I am supposed to submit my review in something like 12 days. The book is a mere 567 pages of instructions so here goes. 

 My first impression (from looking at the cover) is of a glossy, colorful item. The title is "LOTUS WORDPRO 96 FOR WINDOWS 95 MADE EASY". Sounds great! Turn to the second page and I find "LOTUS WORD PRO 96 FOR WINDOWS 3.1 MADE EASY: The Basics & Beyond!". 

 Now what do I do? Believe the cover or the inside Title? Well a quick look further inside shows that the material is about Windows 95, NOT Windows 3.1. Apparently someone at Osborne McGraw Hill goofed and let that inside title slip through, but it is not very confidence inspiring to a WORDPRO newbie like me. 

One thing that I am supposed to do is provide the price of the book. So, here is an 800 number, manned 24 hours (It says). What if it is 3:25 AM. They are ready to help me 24 hours a day. Well, I got a very friendly lady who has a limited database (I guess McGraw Hill doesnt trust their night crew - perhaps they would read all those titles if allowed in the larger database allowed to daytime employees). Anyway, even with a title AND an ISBN number (0-07-0882148-7), this book is not in the database to which the night crew has access. Locally I called three book stores and only BOOKSTOP, indicated that they have it in stock. If you have their bookbuyers card, there is a discount. 

 The author, Daniel J. Fingerman, starts off with a display of the initial screen of WordPro, then identifies the areas common to all Windows 95 programs, followed by the "SMARTICONS" line (or Windows Toolbar) and the rest of the initial screen so that there is a common base upon which to operate in explaining what can be done, when, where and how. This part is basic, which is just what a neophyte like me needs. Fingerman also tells you where in the book he has the instructions for each of the items he has labeled. 

 Chapter 2 covers Basic Editing and File Commands, permitting you to learn how to control the more basic or everyday items of word processing. The succeeding 28 chapters constitute the various materials of his book. Chapters 1 through 12 are the most basic. 

Part III starts at page 177 and is labeled "More Advanced Formatting". It includes Chapters 13 to 30. I feel that in the time allotted, I am doing well to cover the first dozen chapters. Fingerman does a good job of covering these so I am confident he isn't changing as he proceeds through the remainder of his book. 

 Suggested Retail Price (Guess What! It was there on the back cover all along) $24.95 U. S. A. Fingermans Acknowledgment was dated December, 1995; no copyright shown. An e-mail to McGraw Hill Public relations garnered the news that the Company is gaining a new manager in charge of discounts and I can contact him in another month. For those of you who want to learn WORD PRO and dont know it, this book will take you through the ropes.