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Precision Mapping 2.0 Lite 
Software Review by Mike Harrold

Precision Mapping BoxBoy, I never knew the word LITE had such a heavy meaning! The packaging stated "Virtually Every Street in the Continental United States." It's probably right. 

It's a CD-ROM put out by Just SoftWorks, The rest of the package propaganda states "Precision Mapping 2.0 lite is a complete detailed map of the entire continental United States. Virtually every street is contained on this one CD-ROM disc. The user can view and search map information at any scale from the entire U.S. down to a city block. Search by city name and street name to find your exact destination. Precision Mapping Lite has over 17 million street and road segments, and almost 3 million miles of rivers and streams." 

 System Requirements: - Windows 3.1 or higher - 386 or higher IBM compatible PC - 4 MB of memory - CD-ROM drive - Mouse. During setup it stated that your machine needed (required) 1852K on your hard drive. Documentation - Nada! 

Setup took about 12 seconds. It gave me one HUGE Program Group Box with one small Icon in it. I shrunk the box down, double-clicked the icon and got the Welcome screen - "1st Affordable Street Level Map of The Entire Continental U.S.!" Since I received this software free in exchange for a review, I couldn't argue with the "affordable" part. BUT let me go on! 

The next part of the Welcome screen was a come-on to buy the 2.0 (without the 'LITE') version. It would... 

 ... LET YOU PRINT A MAP! Oh what a novel idea! To be able to print up a map to use on your journey, so you wouldn't be lost in your travels. Personally I can not justify having a "Map Program" that won't PRINT. This software is as useful as my third mouse button. The Real 2.0 version would let you draw circles and squares, do editing, save overlays, do some measuring, has 2 million landmarks, has higher resolution,....! 

Okay, I got what I paid for, let's put it through the tests. I have projects all over Texas, and on every one of them I need to first look up their location on a map. I have a new project on Patmore Street in San Antonio. It found it! It found Patmore, but it did not find Patmore Street. It found Riverside in Austin, 75 of them! Old, East, NE, etc. 

The software uses State Highway numbers as readily as U.S. Highway numbers (ie: 281 & 410). This gets a little confusing, I didn't know that IH-10 was also State Highway 87, and the program did not do a lot of double billing on the highway numbers. 

 I could not find this software in the computer retail super stores. The program does find streets! And if I had a Laptop with a CD, I could take this software with me on the road. Or I could buy the real 2.0 version and do some printing. Retail price of the full (not Lite) program is listed as $29-$39.