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Road Trips Door-to-Door 
Software Review by Jeff Zubricky

Door to Door box photoMaps and Computers are coming together to help prevent the question 
Where am I? 
Am I Lost?

 Perhaps you can ask someone for directions on how to get somewhere you have never been before. You may also use a map to get to your destination. If we men are already out on the road, we will travel all around over for hours looking for our destination before stopping to ask for directions. I have a solution to this problem, Road Trips Door -to- Door by TravRoute Software

This program is digitized maps of the United States that will help you get from door to door whether the location is in the same city or across the country. 


The program is easy to use. You type in where you are and where you want to go and Door -to- Door calculates the route. The program gives you a detailed map with step by step instructions including driving times. There are three parts to the package: a comprehensive road atlas, a detailed US street atlas and an address-to-address navigation system. 

Door -to- Door says it contains more than 95 million homes and business addresses, 6 million miles of streets and 630,000 miles of highway. It also contains 1 million points of interest, including the Alamo. The program has options you can customize, like your preference of type of road, or how fast you travel on the Interstate. You get to set it up the way you want so when it calculates the route for you to take you don’t have to make a lot of adjustments. 

 This program is not prefect. I found two errors right away on a map of Live Oak Texas. There are streets shown in the maps that do not exist. I am quite certain that TravRoute is using information provided to them from other sources. The data though not 100 percent accurate is impressive. There are previsions to edit street restrictions, like block off streets and mark one way streets

The biggest error I found was that the details on streets by the San Antonio Airport are incorrect. The streets to the terminals are not shown, and the route to get to the Airport by the program is flawed. I was not able to find any way to add the missing street data. 


I do recommend this program because of its power to get you Door -to- Door. If you are a person who has occasion to need a map you will find this program very helpful. You may use it for within a city, like San Antonio, or for long road trips. Even though there are errors in the maps, I don’t think any are perfect, it is still a good value. I priced a San Antonio map from Ferguson Map Company an it was $24.95 for the 1996 edition. The 1997 edition of Road Trips Door -to- Door is only $49.95 for the whole United States on Travroute’s Web Site. 


  • Windows 95 or Windows NT 
  • 2X CD drive 
  • 8MB of RAM minimum, 16MB is recommended 
  • At least 60MB of hard drive space, 90 MB is recommended (it is a big program)



TravRoute Software 
1000 Herrontown Road, Princeton, NJ 08540 
Phone: 1-609-252-8197 
Fax: 1-609-252-8166 
Web Site:

 Local Price $42.99 at CompUSA