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Surfin Shield 
Software Review by Jeff Zubricky

Surfin Shield logoSurfing the Internet is to be considered a dangerous activity! 

Your Web Browser has become a weapon for the "Dark Forces" of the Internet to use against you without your knowledge or consent. Java and ActiveX are relatively new programming languages for use on the Internet within your Browser. 

These programs load into your computer and then execute, here is where the problem is. The original intent was for programmers to write programs that would enhance your Web Browsing experience. The Virus writers and Hackers are in heaven with the advent of Java and ActiveX, they have been able to exploit this technology for their gain. You have a couple choices at this point in time. 

  1. Only visit Web Sites that are known to be safe. 
  2. Turn off the Java and ActiveX capabilities of your Browser. 
  3. Get SurfinShield by Finjan Software Ltd.
Take a break from this article, fire up your Browser, do the following exercise and then come back to finish the article. 

Browse the following sites: 


  • DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT try the links on this site without taking some precautions. Turn off the Java and ActiveX capabilities of your Browser. This site is a collection of Hostile Applets, and will open your eyes. I read about this site, checked it out and turned off my Java capabilities. 


  • This is a safe site provided by TechWeb The bookmark is only an article. This site explains what a Hacker Group in Germany, Chaos, has demonstrated. If you use Quicken's Internet on-line bill paying feature they could extract money out of your account, without your knowledge. Chaos did not say that they had posted the ActiveX applet yet, but did demonstrate that the applet did work. Microsoft and Quicken have expressed concerns, some public, some private. 

You now have an idea of the power that Java and ActiveX has given those who would exploit their use. You now have a line of defense against those hostile applets by using SurfinShield. SurfinShield is a program that helps you deal with applets, think of it as a desktop firewall. SurfinShield can alert you when you come across an applet, it can kill applets if it is in the database as being hostile. You can setup all your individual preferences though the Setting Dialog box. The defaults have worked fine for me in the 30 days I have been testing the program. 

The Database can be updated by you at anytime. 

The program does not require a lot of resources, and runs in the background as you surf the Web. I recommend this software to any Web Surfer, it is as important as having an antivirus software. The Internet has plenty of Java and ActiveX applets that make the Web more exciting and interesting, but at the same time dangerous for those who are not protected. 

SurfinShield has a 30 day evaluation version on their Web Site. The full version is available for $99 direct from the Finjan Web Site. 

Late Breaking News: Santa Clara, Calif. February 25, 1997: Finjan Software, the leader in Java and ActiveX security, today announced SurfinShield Xtra, the first security solution that lets Internet users enforce an ActiveX and Java desktop security policy 

System Requirements: Windows 95, Windows NT, Unix Netscape Navigator 2.0 or above; or Microsoft Explorer 3.0 or above 2 MB disk space. 

 Finjan Software Ltd