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Norton Anti-Virus for Windows NT 
Software Review by Miguel Hildago


The installation was easy. The CDROM came with autorun. Once the CD was inserted, the installation program was automatically executed. The selections in the install program were simple, either "Install Norton AntiVirus NT" or "Explore the CD". With one click on the Install selection, the program leads you through a few screens that customize where to install the software, and what options are available to choose. The default selections on the screens are preset to provide complete protection. 

The installation process lasted one minute and forty five seconds (impressive). Although rebooting was not necessary, all temporary files will remain in the system until the computer is rebooted. After installation and the first scan for viruses, I proceeded to explore the CD. The CD also contains the entire manual in "pdf " format and comes with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. 


The Norton AntiVirus comes with a set of very useful tools/features which are very easy to configure. There are five main tools/features buttons: 
  1. Options

  2. This option allows the user to configure the Norton AntiVirus main features, such as how to scan, what to scan, Activity Log, exclusion of files, etc. 
  3. Virus List

  4. Provides detail information for over 9000 viruses. 
  5. Scheduler

  6. Provides unattended scheduled scanning. Great idea. The system can be set to automatically do weekly scanning. 
  7. Activity Log

  8. Provides a detail log of all virus detection/elimination activities. 
  9. AutoProtect

  10. AutoProtect is a feature that when enabled, loads a program into memory which constantly watches for viruses. So, if you insert a disk or download a file from the Internet, it will scan the file for viruses automatically. 
  11. LiveUpdate

  12. LiveUpdate is a great feature for people with Internet access. When pressing this button, the Norton AntiVirus checks for the latest virus updates and update your system for free. One of the major problems with Anti Virus programs is that people forget to keep up with the latest viruses and do not want the hassle to search for updates. LiveUpdate make this process painless.


The User's Guide is very well written. It starts by explaining what computer viruses are, the infection cycle, types of virus, and practically provides the reader with a good background on viruses. Then it explains how to setup the Norton AntiVirus to do unattended scheduled virus detection, manual detection , and tips to avoid viruses. 

The users guide also explains the elimination process. For example, how to eliminate the viruses, how to repair infected files, and how to repair file systems, and last, but not least, the user's guide presents customization of the Norton AntiVirus, what to scan, when to scan, etc. The documentation is more than enough to not only install the application and run it, but to actually gain a clear 

 understanding of viruses. 


The presentation is good. The screens are clear, and grouped appropriately. The screens are intuitive and there is no need to reference the online help. The instructions are clear and simple to understand. 


Currently there is a compatibility problem with Windows NT 4, Service pack 2. Before installing the Norton AntiVirus on NT 4 with service pack 2, I strongly recommend to visit the following site "", to download the necessary software and instructions to fix the compatibility problem and be able to run Norton AntiVirus. 


The Norton AntiVirus can be purchased directly from Symantec or from any local retailer. The Norton AntiVirus lists for $119, but can be found for $67. A great price for a NT product. 


Definitely an excellent product all around. Great price, outstanding documentation, easy installation and configuration, etc. I recommend it to anyone who wants to protect their NT box from viruses, and do not want to spend to much time doing it. Also, the Norton AntiVirus comes with 60 day money back guarantee. 


What wish list? Well, what I call the "wish list" is a list of features which will further enhance the capability of this product. The wish list for the Norton AntiVirus is small, but it will make my day as a Webmaster/Network Administrator. 
  • Scheduler

  • The Unattended scheduled scans could be expanded to allow more than just weekly schedules. Something like every other day, or, arbitrary days in a month. 
  • LiveUpdate

  • The LiveUpdate feature would definitely be benefited by a Scheduler which can be set to check at least weekly for the latest viruses updates.
Product Name: Norton AntiVirus for Windows NT 
Version: 2.0 
Operating System : Windows NT Server/Workstation 3.51, and 4.0 
Purpose : Virus Protection and Destruction 
Publisher: Symantec Corporation 
Technical Support: 90 days free. 
Incompatibility issues : NT 4.0 Service Pack 2 
List Price: $119.00 
Media : CDROM 

 Symantec Corporate Offices 
10201 Torre Avenue 
Cupertino, CA 95014-2132 
+1 (408) 253-9600 
+1 (408) 253-3968 Fax Marketing System Configuration : 

  • AMD 5x86-133 MHz 
  • 32 Megs. Of RAM 
  • 1.6 HD Drive 
  • Trident 2 Megs. SVGA Video Ca 
Miguel Hidalgo is a Software Developer in the Instrumentation and Space Research Div. of SouthWest Research Institute and Co-Owner of the Inform Web, Inc. a local Website Development company.