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Software Review by Nicholas Sandera

Now that we are on the Internet, my sister Janet and I are downloading and saving a lot of stuff. We thought that our 1.2 gigabyte hard drive was really big, but my StarTrek pictures starting filling it up. I've been moving the files to disks but it's hard to keep track of them all.

 DiskLabeler by ProdEx is a good way to organize and label disks. It was easy to install. You just put the disk in and run setup. The program came with a four page manual but it is so easy to use I didn't have to read it. You can also get help if you click on the question mark in the program. 

 To label a disk all you have to do is insert it and click on the button that says "read disk." You can give the disk a name and a description. The program automatically reads the contents of the disk. 

 You can print out a label with all of this information on it. One thing I didn't like about the program was that the labels are expensive. The program came with two sample sheets of labels. It only uses Avery #6490 labels. You can buy a box of 300 labels from the ProdEx for $17 or get a box of 375 labels from a store like Office Depot for $19. The labels come in sheets, and if you only need to print one or two labels you mess up the entire sheet. I'd rather save my money to buy games! 

 The other thing that DiskLabeler does is make a database of all of your disks and the files that are on them. The program comes with about 100 numbered stickers, so instead of making a label for each disk you can just put a sticker on it. Then you can use DiskLabeler to search for a file. You only have to type in part of the file name and it will tell you which disk the file is on. You could also print out the labels on plain paper and keep them in a notebook. 

 If you have a lot of disks this program can save you time. It needs Windows with at least 4 megabytes of RAM and a laser, bubblejet or inkjet printer. It is available from ProdEx Technologies, 558 Oakmead Parkway, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. They have a home page at

 Nicholas Sandera is in the 7th grade at Hobby Middle School. He has been using a computer ever since he was old enough to sit at the keyboard and has been a member of Alamo PC for two years.