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Quick View Plus! 
Software Review by Vade Forrester

Many people don't know there is a Quick View file viewer built into Windows 95, because it is frequently not installed with Windows 95's Typical Install option. Quick View, from Inso Corporation, lets you view the contents of a file while you are in the Explorer, without having to start the program that created the file.

 That makes it pretty useful when you are searching for a file. I urge you Windows 95 users to install Quick View, since it's handy and you already paid for it. That's my Windows 95 tip for this issue! 

 Quick View Plus adds significantly useful features to Quick View. For starters, it adds viewers for 170 types of files that Quick View doesn't recognize, making Quick View much more versatile. To use Quick View Plus, just start Explorer (in Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0) and right click on a file you want to view. One of the options offered will be Quick View Plus. Select that option, and you will see the contents of the file. It even works for ZIP files, very handy when you're scanning those often cryptically-named archives. After first showing you see the files inside the ZIP archive, Quick View Plus lets you click on one of the files to view it. And Quick View Plus recognizes both text and graphics files, so you can see pictures as well as words. And yes, it is very quick. In comparison, HiJaak also adds itself to the Explorer as a viewer for graphics files, but is much slower at opening the files. 

Once Quick View Plus is running, you can view files by dragging them into the open Quick View Plus window from Explorer. That makes it even easier to use. 

 Quick View Plus not only shows you a file, it also lets you search for text within a file. You can copy text from a viewed document onto the clipboard and then into a totally different type of document. This is a great feature if someone sends you a word processing document prepared in a program that you don't have, and your word processor won't import. For example, my wife uses an old DOS program called Q&A for much of her word processing. Since it's not very common any more, it's hard to move text from Q&A into, say, Word. But with Quick View Plus, I can view a Q&A document and then copy it via the clipboard into Word easily. 

 In summary, Quick View Plus is a valuable addition to a Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 user's tools. It makes using your computer easier and faster. It sells for $60 or so. Highly recommended.