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Trinkets for your Taskbar 
Shareware Utilities Review by Phyllis Christian

Christmas Tree graphicMy Windows95 TaskBar...Is like a year round Xmas tree with all these little programs hanging on it. 

I think I can't live without them. I am sure some will be duplicates of other's favorites, but that just shows our good judgment. Some are based on how you have your system setup and some are for just personal taste. Most of these files are on the bbs and ready to download. 

    dotShoveIt I use because I keep my taskbar is at the top of the screen instead of the bottom. It is an necessity. For some reason Win95 allows programs to slide under the task bar when it is docked at the top and it is almost impossible to get them back out. ShoveIt will keep the Windows in auto alignment, where you can move the window around or in zero tolerance and it stays put. Freeware SHOVEIT3.ZIP 

    dotHard Disk Led I use because my drive light is to my right in a tower case and I have to stop and open the door and turn my head away from my screen and the activity going on there. Hdled sits on the task bar and flashes a small light in syncopation with your drive activity in one of three color selections, yellow, red, or green. Shareware reg 5.00 HDLED.ZIP 

    dotSendToBack A desktop window shuffler. Fast and efficient. With just a right click you move top open windows to the rear until you get to the one you want. Maybe not for every one, but there are times I have many windows open and I always need one towards the bottom of the pile. Freeware SENDBK20.ZIP 

    dotTray Utility is one that is not used all the time but it is handy to have when you need it. It closes all open windows and clears a portion of the task bar when you have to shut down files and windows to install a program. Freeware TRAYUTIL.ZIP 

    dotTopDesk30a The new version features an animated icon for the TaskBar and will call up your start-up menu besides any other individual desktop icon you need and will also hide your desktop if you prefer..Freeware TDSK30a.ZIP 

    dotDunce252 Manages all my auto dial up and password entry for the internet. Freeware this version. DUNCE252.ZIP 

    dotSwapmonitor Is strictly for grins. I moved the Win95Swap file off my C: drive. Created a 100mb max, 5mb min, Win95swap file in virtual memory to my last drive and this little program, when you touch the mouse cursor to it gives you what size it is now, the largest it has been, the min etc. Lets you know which applications are the real mb eaters. Donationware if you want, otherwise freeware. SWAPMON.ZIP 

    dotClipBoardPlus A simple little clip board extender. I can't work without one. You can set it to save as many clips as you want. Don't know what it's limitations are. I keep it set at 150 and that is enough for me. Freeware CLPBDPLS.ZIP 

    dotNotePad+ Not to be confused with a Notepad++ that is out there. NP+ is a Win95 Notepad extender, handles large files, and has some formatting ability. I write these little articles with it and read all the file_id.diz and other miscellaneous file handling things without calling up a word processor. Freeware NPPLUS.ZIP 

All of these programs can be downloaded from the Internet at Shareware.Com

 Although I have many more registered programs up there working, such as virus monitors, voice a cursor writing programs and my independent Bookmark Stash, CleanSweep, etc. these little utilities work hard and well. Plus they are free or have a very minimal fee. Happy File Hunting....