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Tax Relief 96 for Windows 
Software Review by Maria Chua


It's tax season once again. Tax professionals are in gear and scrambling for the best tax computer software that will make tax preparation for this year a lot easier. 

Well, here's one to consider... Tax Relief 96 for Windows developed by Micro Vision Software at Hauppauge, New York. I strongly recommend this software to CPAs, accountants, tax lawyers and any tax professional. This program can be a good customer service to your clients and it will ease up your work load. 

 It is recommended to have at least 8 MB RAM for Windows 3.x and 16 MB RAM for Windows 95; a 486 or Pentium microprocessor preferred; 11 MB of hard disk space for Tax Relief 1040, 8 MB Tax Relief Corporation, 6 MB for 1065, 1/2- 1 MB for each state; a Hewlett-Packard Laserjet or 100% compatible laser printer; a mouse; a VGA or better monitor. 

 I am using a 100 MHZ Pentium processor with 32 MB of RAM with Windows 95 as my operating system. I do not have a laser jet printer so I will not be able to comment on the printing capabilities of this program. 

Installation is a snap. Insert the CD ROM in the drive and when autoplay is on, it automatically prompts you for set-up. Follow the instruction in the screen and in about a minute it installs successfully. 

 After installation, start Tax Relief for Windows by double-clicking on the 1040 icon. Tax Relief 96 assigns data paths where you can store your files. You can create at least fifteen data paths. To customize your file and complete set-up click on Options under the Tools menu and enter your preferences. 

This program is user friendly. It has a toolbar to select commonly used functions. Point the mouse to an icon and pause briefly to view the description of each icon. Entering and updating client files is done by clicking the Input Engine (IE) icon. This is the data entry form for tax data and it lets you enter these data by categories. Supplemental schedule data flows both to and from the Input Engine while data in other categories flows only from the Input Engine to the tax forms. Thus it is the "Form-free" method of recording. 

 Micro Vision included tips and Frequently Asked Questions just be clicking the right mouse button on the form you are working on. It had improved its Technical support by using the a "Support Request Form" on your computer and transmit it to them, so they will be able to serve you quickly and efficiently without putting you on hold. Updates can be downloaded by using your modem (28.8 KB recommended). Micro Vision also reduced the number of manuals for documentation. There are one for each system (Windows or DOS) and the other manual covers the tax forms. They are written in simple language for better understanding. I recommend users to read Chapter 5 (Quick tour) after installation to get a feel about the program. 

 This program will be a good investment for tax professionals to better serve their clients. You can call Micro Visions for quotes at (800) TAX RELIEF or fax them at (800)927-1283 or visit their web page at