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Newport for Windows 
by Jeff Weber, Alamo PC

Newport Logo Newport for Windows is an investing management program that automates the spreadsheet calculation for the AIM investing method. AIM is a very simple and exciting investing system that makes very high profits in the stock market. Buying and selling is based on the price of the stock. To obtain a free email version of my investing book that explains the AIM system and a free sample newsletter showing the best stocks, Here Are the Customer's Yachts's that explains the AIM system, please email Jeff at

 Installation is extremely simple - just use a:setup and follow instructions on the screen. To use, start by clicking the Newport icon. Newport will show you a date and you click OK if the date is correct. The graphics are excellent. Newport was developed by two amateur investors who use the AIM investing system. They developed a very simple to use, yet complete package that includes many nice features.

 After putting in your password, you come to the Main Menu. Your choices are: Update your prices, View an Individual Investment, Maintenance Menu, and Print Menu. To start you go to the Maintenance Menu where you can add a stock, delete a stock or fix an incorrectly entered price.

 For your initial visit, you would enter information on each stock. The screen will show you a powerful tool offered by the software. You can set minimum dollar amount or a minimum number of shares to trade. Once you understand the AIM system, you will see what a great feature that is.

 Once you have entered a stock, you can use the View an Individual Investment which gives you a complete picture of your stock with advice on what you need to do based on the AIM system. You can even draw and print graphs on your stock beginning with the second week. The software is set up for weekly entry of prices. Based on the price you enter, the software will tell you to buy, sell or do nothing and the dollar amount or number of shares to buy or sell.

 The software only includes brief instructions because that is all you will need. This is extremely easy to use software.

 I have used the AIM system for over 10 years and this software is a godsend. The software was developed by Bob Norman and Tom Veale who incidently run an excellent web page about the AIM system and have information and samples of this software. Their web page is called the Idiot Wave and located at http://pages/

Bob Norman offers Newport for $129.95 + $3.00 S & H. You can also purchase an evaluation copy with a 60 day limitation for $29.95 + $3.00 S & H. You can write to Bob at Newport Programs, P O Box 27, Port Washington, WI 53074. If the user buys the software, they credit you the full cost of the evaluation copy. I highly recommend the AIM investing system to you as an easy way to make big profits in the stock market and Newport as an easy way to do the AIM system.