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Bailey's Book House 
by Charles Law

Bailey's Book House is a multifaceted program directed toward children 2 to 5 years of age. It is one of 4 programs in a set, also containing "Trudy's Time & Place House", "Millie's Math House"' and "Sammy's Science House"', which is now being reviewed by another member. EDMARK has provided, over the last 25 years, other sets of programs for children through 14 years of age.

 I had encountered Bailey's Book House before, and earlier versions seemed to run faster than this edition on CD, even after transferring the program entirely to hard disk. The picture is in a window, with a gray textured border background about 2.5 inches each side that contributes nothing to the viewer.

 Bailey's specs indicates it will run under any Windows, 4 meg (8 recommended), 386DX/33 or better,SVGA w/640X480 and minimum of 256 colors. A hard disk requirement of 2 MB free surely refers to minimum downloading and access to the CD for running data. A mouse is required and a Windows compatible sound device. And of course a CD capability.

 McIntosh requirements are similar, with the addition of system 7.0.1 or higher, and a 13" or larger monitor. Optional requirements are Windows compatible printer, and the EDMARK Touchwindow, which attaches to your monitor to provide easy direct input for younger children, or a child with special needs. My 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son have both fallen in love with Bailey's, and demand it be first when I set up the computer for their use. I feel that easy access to programs like Bailey's can help a slow learner to catch up and keep up with their classmates as well as benefit the more talented child. All text is spoken, so sound and sight are linked directly to each other, to strengthen the hearing and reading bond.

 Original areas are

and two new activities, There is a 30 day satisfaction guarantee of cash refund or exchange for other products. I was able to locate this program only at CompUSA, which gives ALamo PC discounts and at a military outlet. Pricing is $39.95, but a greater bargain can be had by buying the triple bundle of BBH,MILLIE'S MATH, and SAMMY'S SCIENCE HOUSES, priced at one source at $74.95.

 My system is a 486:66mhz:a: B: C: D: E: F:(CD), Reveal FX 16 bit sound,. 8MB SIMMS;Panasonic kxp 1124 printer ;Infiniti SVGA full screen monitor.