HTML Writer
I use the title web coordinator for the City of San Antonio rather than webmaster because each of the City's 33 departments is responsible for the content and maintenance of its web site and each department webmaster seems to use a different set of tools. My role is to solve the problems each webmaster runs into and to maintain the common pages (Homepage, Whatsnew, City Services, City Departments). I also maintain pages for the Mayor, City Council and City Manager's Office.

 The html editor recommended to City departments by our PC-support staff is Microsoft's FrontPage. Both the City Internet and the intranet sites have FrontPage extensions installed and internal training classes are being developed for City staff later this Spring. Since the City runs mostly Microsoft software on its PC's (Win95, Office95 and Office 97, WinNT), staff is already familiar with the mechanics of FrontPage menus and common commands. See for an example of a FrontPage-constructed project.

 My "editor of choice", however, is the shareware package I started using in 1995 - HTML Writer by Kris Novack ( I develop web pages much like I code mainframe programs - write once and copy many times - and HTML Writer is well suited for editing and maintaining web pages. This editor provides the user maximum control over the HTML code itself while containing a few buttons to more easily add some of the common tags to the page. All tags are displayed . Since it doesn't seem to have been enhanced for awhile, none of the newer HTML features are included in button form, however the text editor will allow any tags or coding desired. The text editor works a lot like WORD (cut and paste are my most commonly-used commands) and allows one click testing to view pages with the browser of choice.

 I recommend this product for the experienced web developer who wants a quick, easy-to-use, and small (650 KB vs. 30 MB for FrontPage98) editor to maintain an existing website. This shareware program requires no registration, but a $10 donation is suggested.

 Other products in use on the City site are: MS Publisher (, Internet Assistant for WORD and HotDog Pro (, and Shockwave ( 

Nancy Dean is the special projects coordinator for the City of San Antonio's Information Services Department.