Hot Dog Pro
I was looking for an HTML editor with a WYSIWYG interface and I stumbled onto HotdogPro ver 2.0, 16-bit. All boxes were marked at $49.95 but I looked through the back of the dusty boxes and found one marked at $29.95. I was able to get the latest upgrade (v2.53) from Hotdog's website and just ran with it.

 Hotdog includes a tutorial on how to use this package, also quick lessons on HTML. It also allows use of my own browser to see what my page looks like during creation, multiple pages to be opened for editing, and the familiar cut/paste and other icons at the top of the screen make it comfortable to use in a Windows environment.

 When you open a new page the base codes are there so you don't stare at a blank space wondering where to start. It does include a spell checker plus you can easily create your own dictionary and the use of templates where you can create your own page styles.

 The are lots of features that I probably don't use as much as I should: The auto-date which will automatically revise the datestamp whenever you upload a change to a page, HotFTP which you can upload single items or all items on the pages opened in the current session.

 My favorite aspect of this program is that it colors the codes for easy viewing when editing. You can do this manually from a pull down menu or have it do it automatically. Definitely makes it easier on the eyes.

 The boxed CD-version can be purchased at the local computer stores for about $49 but look for rebates. You can also download this program at The Win95 version is loaded with features and a lot larger, but for now my version is just fine.

The novice and expert can use this without a lot of effort and allows more freedom than some of the superbasic web editors I've used. I like using my mouse and this allows me to point and click to get things done (I use the hot-keys once in awhile).

 I use Publisher's Paintbrush IV and Lview Pro for my transparent GIFs and other graphics. To update my links, I just got my copy of WebFerret Pro which hits all of the search engines I want. I have a UMAX Astra 600P scanner. Eventhough Hotdog has its own FTP, I prefer using WS-FTP.

 You can stop by and visit my page at: remember, pages are usually always on-going works.

 George Carrasco, also known as "SandPuppy," is a recently-retired Army physical therapy specialist who now works in a small local clinic.