I was one of the early adopters of HomeSite, an HTML editor that advertises a WYSIWYN interface - What you see is what you need. They boast a user base of more than 100,000 customers, and have swept every award imaginable.

 Homesite is ideal for experienced web designers who want total control over their code. I have experimented with some WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get - editors and was dismayed at the weird code that most of them created - when they let you look at the code. The core of HomeSite is a simple text editor, similar to NotePad. The added features are what make it sing.

 Dedicated buttons call up dialog boxes to simplify routine procedures, such as changing fonts and colors or adding hyperlinks. There is a menu bar for extended characters, so you don't have to remember that & #153; is the code for TM. You can create templates for repetitive pages. One of the best features is the project manager, which allows you to group files by project and perform global search and replace actions on an entire web site. It has a spell checker. A feature I use frequently is the document weight estimate, which calculates the approximate download speed of each page at different modem rates. 

The program is available for download at; you can use it 50 times before you are required to remove it from your system or pay the $79 registration fee.

 Two sites I recently created using HomeSite are the Medina River Design Charrette and the peaceCENTER. For some specialty pages I use other programs. Corel Presentations has an integrated HTML editor that I use to convert PowerPoint and Corel presentations to web pages. It's fast and flexible; you can see an example at http://www. . Microsoft Access also has a built-in editor that works like a charm for databases - see a test at After I figured out what I was doing, it took me less than an hour to construct 10 database queries and convert this 1,300 name database to web tables.

 I use both Photoshop 3.01 and PaintShop Pro 4.0 for my graphics. I also have Eye Candy, a set of Photoshop plugins. For animated GIFs I use ULEAD GIF animator 1.5. I have a UMAX Astra 600S scanner and An Olympus D 200-L camera. I upload my web pages using WS-FTP.

 Alamo PC President Susan Ives is also the organization's webmaster.