Coffee Cup
I began my first home page efforts with a very basic WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. That was several years ago when home pages were rather primitive and the editors were also primitive in what they offered compared to today. I soon came to the conclusion that relying on WYSIWYG was a mistake. I was lost when I had to looked at my code to make minor changes and soon realized I knew nothing about HTML (Hypertext Markup Language.) I spent a period of time learning this new "language" and investigated and used some of the other more sophisticated editors. One day I stumbled upon the CoffeeCup home page and their HTML editor. The name intrigued me and I downloaded and tried the shareware version.. It didn't take long before I knew that this was the HTML Editor for me.

 CoffeeCup HTML Editor++ 98 is an advanced editor which is not really suited for the beginner. While it has the usually buttons for the common tasks that allow you to point and click when you want to add code to your document, it is much more with its features for incorporating the more advanced code/scripts that are now available. The basic operation is through a workspace where you can view and type your code or use the "drag and drop" feature which lets you easily and quickly place your files, images, sound files, and scripts onto your pages. 

The registered version comes pre-loaded with many java scripts, vb (visual basic) scripts, and cgi (common gateway interface) scripts. It also has an Image Browser, a Color Wizard, a Font Designer, a Spelling Checker that allows you to add your own words to the CoffeeCup Dictionary, and a built in FTP upload and download program and many other features. It has a complete help section including the HTML (Wilbur) Web Reference Guide. And because of the constant changes in HTML they have provided a 24 hour help for registered users so as they say "nothing is outdated."

 The shareware version is available for download at The registered version can be purchased for $40.00.

 In creating and maintaining my pages, (one of which can be viewed at I use Adobe Photoshop for my graphics, CoffeeCup ImageMaker for my image maps and GIF Movie Gear for my animated GIFs. I also have a MVC- FD7 Sony Digital Mavica camera and a UMAX S-6E scanner. I upload my pages with the built in FTD program in the editor. 

Richard Weers, an associate webmaster for the Alamo PC homepage, is an artist noted for his creative use of light and shadow.