Microsoft Publisher
I take the easy (ok, the coward's) way out and let the program do the coding. So I'm not a purist in this matter! Microsoft Publisher is the program I use most frequently. I've done several web sites using it. While it is not the most full-featured program you'll find for this purpose, if you don't need the most full-featured, then it'll be fine. It does appear to put in many lines of redundant code. That might not be technically acceptable but since I don't know which lines are redundant and which aren't I just leave it alone since the Web doesn't seem to mind. 

In MS Publisher, you just make your web site the same way that you'd make any other publication. Draw your "picture" boxes, resize, and move them to exactly where you want them on the "page". Do the same for the text boxes. The next step is to "Publish to Folder" which turns your text into text with HTML coding and indicates place holders for your graphics which are listed in order at the end of the text. When I need to make small changes, I can do it online using MS NotePad. For major changes, I open the MS Publisher file, make the changes there, then let the program put in the coding again.

 One annoyance is that all the graphics are converted to .gif extension. That isn't always a problem but can be if you are trying to use photographs. You'll have to send them up separately in order to keep the .jpg extension. I've had MS Publisher '98 less than a week and haven't really had a chance to test the upgrade well. It appears that it might still convert all graphics to .gif extension.

 You can make graphics in MS Publisher. I use Corel Paint 8. Paint Shop Pro comes with MS Front Page '98 Plus Pack and is fun to work with. I'm learning MS Front Page '98 so I can maybe solve some of the problems that MS Publisher doesn't solve. All of these programs accept images from my Microtek scanner and my Olympus digital camera. 

You can take a look at The Texas Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution at www.tsdar.org and The DAR Ol' Shavano Chapter at lonestar.texas.net/%7eharris/OSDAR.html to see examples of sites I created using MS Publisher.

 Lou Harris is a former Air Force Officer and retired university instructor who is active in Daughters of the American Revolution and other community organizations and makes occasional contributions to PC Alamode.