From the April, 1998 PC ALAMODE Magazine:
Internet Utilities on the BBS
by Phyllis Christian

We have had some interesting and sometimes needed files appear this past month. These are utilities and creature comforts to make your life on the Internet more comfortable. All of these and more are available on Your BBS - just call 496-2285. 

Internet Tree

Ever forget a site location and want to go back to re-read a document or get a file and cannot for the life of you locate where you have been? I do, quite frequently when I am out there, quickly surfing looking for files. If so then Internet Tree is the answer. 

Internet Tree is a unique Web site tracking utility for all Internet users using Win95/NT 4.0. Communicator/ Navigator has some sort of History database to record what sites you've visited. Internet Explorer has its History folder. They're nice, but Internet Tree is awesome. With a full Win95 interface, this Internet monitor keeps track of sites that you surf and stores them in an easy-to-follow format. No large memory use, and you can hardly tell it is running. Discover sites that you'd normally not be able to find with ease. A must download, ITS130.ZIP is available now on Your BBS. Registration is normally $39.00, but for a short time, when you buy over the Internet it is available for $24.00. 


There are search engines and search engines. Now let's see, I am trying to locate a pair of Lapis Lazuli earrings, my daughter wants data on bird houses and my grandson needs information on raising chicks for his 4H project. To the rescue is ZurfRider! 

Tired of sifting through dozens of Web sites, only to discover that your favorite search engine has served up a frustrating selection of irrelevant and broken links? Get the results you want with ZurfRider, a new metasearch tool for your desktop that employs advanced artificial intelligence to reduce search time and improve the quality of returned sites. ZurfRider works its magic by automatically calling each search engine in parallel, retrieving the maximum number of results allowed, removing any irrelevant hits, and validating links. 

After gathering a list of sites, ZurfRider groups the results by placing them into tidy folders; this ability to break search results down into intuitive categories is what really sets the program apart. If ZurfRider is unsure of your request, it even helps you refine and complete your queries by asking you intelligent questions about the subject of your search. Shareware ($20) Windows 95/NT 4.0, 16MB RAM, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. 

 Available on your BBS as ZURF10.ZIP. This is a 15 times used demo. Each time you start the program it marks off a use. Open it and minimize it and keep it on your task bar to get more usage during your trial period. 


Say you have unlimited access to the Internet, but while reading a web page you decide to grab a cup of coffee and find that your ISP has disconnected you? This is usually the result of inactivity by your system. 

Stay On the Net was designed to keep your PPP or Slip active enough that you won't be disconnected until you disconnect from the server. It sits on the Task Bar and has a feature I especially like, an on/off switch. I don't need to ping my ISP all the time and do not use it when not necessary. No more having to dial back in and waiting to reconnect to your ISP! They have two versions of StayOn, one is StayON98 for $12.95 and StayONPro for $19.95. Available on Your BBS as STAYON20.ZIP. 


SocketWatch v2.0 silently works in the background to keep your PC clock accurate by periodically connecting with an Internet time server atomic clock. It does all the work for you while you are on line. This is a shareware and the registration fee is $10.00. Win95/NT Available on Your BBS as SSWATCH.ZIP 


Since there seems to be a push on to include alternate Browsers, let me introduce Opera. This is an alternative Web browser that blazes its own path. You can use it to retrieve information using FTP, Gopher, and WAIS for reading newsgroups, and for email. The main window consists of a menu line, button bar, workspace with document windows, and a status line to track your progress. HTML 2.0 and most 3.2 tags are accommodated, and you can display multiple pages. The program's options include the customization of link appearances, the use of WAV files for sound notification, and keyboard browsing. Opera sets up easily and allows you to track your favorite sites on a hot list. This Win95 file is on Your BBS as OPER32.ZIP This is shareware at $35.00 to register. 


Another program I keep active while I am on the net is HyperSnap-DX. It will capture WIN95/NT, DIRECTX and GLIDE screens for the Web, WINHELP, DOCUMENTATION! Save captures in progressive JPEG, transparent GIF, or BMP. Choose color depth, crop, & use hotkeys to grab a desktop, highlighted window, or user-defined area. Include cursor images, print and set autotimer. One of the best screen capture programs in the world! Can even capture screens from DirectX and 3Dfx GLIDE Games! Shareware $25.00 for registration. You can find it on your BBS as HSDX308.ZIP 

 Hope you enjoyed these brief reviews, will see you next month with more interesting files from your Alamo PC BBS at 496-2285. 

Phyllis Christian is the files sysop of the Alamo PC BBS.