From the October, 1998 PC ALAMODE Magazine:
San Antonio Arts on the Wire
by Louis Leroy

The Arts Coalition (Artco) has launched a new web site for the arts in San Antonio. This web site provides the Internet user with a complete listing of all the arts going on in Alamo City. is the only ticket you need to get first hand information on exhibitions, theatre and music. The site is designed by categories that include museums, theaters, galleries, music & dance, arts organizations, arts education, and individual artists. Each section provides links to the web site of a particular arts organization or event. Not all organizations presently have a web site, so it is Artco's long-time objective to help all the arts organizations have their own web sites. Artco also plans to help the staff of the arts organizations learn how to up-date their site as new events take place. Other long term plans include expanding the site as an instrument to deliver news about the arts in other parts of the country. 

Because the Internet is world wide, the site also caters to the tourist who may be planning to visit Alamo City. Many tourists often seek arts events to attend as part of their plans when visiting the city. The site has visitor oriented categories such as historic sites, parks & gardens, theme parks, local tours, a listing of annual events, as well as valuable visitor information. 

Artco is a new organization to the San Antonio scene. The organization was created as a way to support the arts in our communities. The organization is presently headed by San Antonio artist, Louis LeRoy (www.leroy-gallery). The site was created by LeRoy and webmaster Mark Harden. Mark is well known for his own arts site that has some of the best scans of artwork on the Internet, ( Artco's site is hosted by in cooperation with Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network (MAIN) and the Texas Commission on the Arts (TCAnet).

 That is the extent of the Artco staff, so if you're a webmaster and interested in helping the arts, give Artco a call at (210) 736-9272 or email at Or if you just want to help, you can go to the site and become a member of Artco. The arts can use all the help they can get.