Feature Article
Windows 2000 Pro vs Windows 98 

By Larry Lentz; reprinted from the July, 2000 issue of the PC Alamode 

Microsoft's official position is that Windows 9x (95 & 98) are designed to be home operating systems while Windows NT Workstation is the best for the corporate desktop. I always recommend NTW for my business customers and only put Win 9x on home systems or when I know the customer depends on a software package that is not NT compatible

Now that Windows 2000 Pro is available, I have started installing it on home systems as well. W2K has a number of features that make it appropriate for home users. First is W2K's Plug and Play feature, which makes adding new hardware much easier. The user interface is also much the same. It can also use not only FAT and NTFS file systems, but also FAT32. W2K is much more reliable than Windows 9x. Recent surveys showed it to be up to three times more reliable than W9x with as much as 13 times more up time. Of course, you need to be sure your PC hardware is on the HCL (Hardware Compatibility List), and that you have enough "horse power". Most importantly, my customers have been happy with it. And, they have "the latest & greatest"!

Larry Lentz is an MCSE + Internet, an MCDBA and Past President of Alamo PC. He is the owner of Lentz Computer Services, a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider and the longest running advertiser in the PC Alamode. Larry has over 18 years as a computer professional. He chairs the Windows 2000, MCSE Advanced and GoldMine SIGs.