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Going Digital

Carlos has been a member of Alamo PC since 1996.

I didn't want to stay behind in this era of digital technology so before we left to Europe in September, 2000 I bought a Sony Digital Still Camera, an MVC-FD81 to use with floppies, it was easy to just stick the floppy and start shooting, We had fun and filled one floppy in every country we visited. Some times more that one.

Last Year I upgraded my computer to Windows XP and bought a new Scanner, an HP scanjet 5470C.

Since we never been on a cruise before, we decided to try one so we booked a cruise to Alaska - which was great. The Coral Princess was our home for eight days and to us it was a huge hotel with four Restaurants, two big swimming pools and two theatres that were showing movies during the day and stage shows at night. Also it had Bars and Lounges all over the place. We flew to Anchorage and rode a train through the mountains and lakes for four hours to Seward and we sailed that evening to Skagway, then to Juneau the Alaska Capital, then Ketchikan and we end up in Vancouver.

Early this year I bought another Sony Camera, this time I got the MVC-CD 400, instead of a floppy, it uses the 3 " disk to store photos and I could take as many as 1200 pictures in e-mail mode. This is a 4.0 Mega Pixels with 6X Zoom. I end up with 124 pictures and my wife used three rolls of film in hers.

My wife Delia wanted me to make a front page for her photo album so I came with the image.

I scanned one of the brochures of the Coral Princess into Corel Draw and then made an ellipse on top of it so I could fit the "Alaskan Vacation" text to it, then I separated them and deleted the ellipse and left the ship with the text, I imported pictures of us and made each smaller to fit in the bottom part and then printed on Kodak paper. My wife was happy with the results and that's what I figured out a long time ago - is important.

Alaskan Vacation Picture

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