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Making Greeting Cards

Jane Montgomery has been active as an instructor with SeniorComp and is an active member of the CorelDRAW class.

Greeting Cards are such a fun way to be creative and express yourself to friends and family in an artistic manner. They are also an effort and financial saver with the cost of cards so high these days. Why get in the car, go to the store, and spend $2.50 or more for a card. It takes an hour to read them and them to find the exact one that is appropriate for that particular occasion. To me, the program Print Shop15 is the easiest and most complete program for a novice to use to start out with. It is more forgiving and gives the user more freedom to be as creative as they choose to be. It also very helpful in that it comes with little pop-up menus that suggest what you might want to do next. On the left side of the screen are many of the menus which have arrows that open to give you an assortment of choices of what you can do with each item. From the Text menu you can insert a Text box, a Headline or a sentiment. They have a myriad of cute little sayings for different occasions. The also have a large number of prefabricated cards in differing styles all ready to be printed.

From the main desk top, you can see the card and the assortment of clip art and photos that you choose to make your card. My preference is to find as much artwork that is available and suitable for the card. Then they are arranged on the work area around the card. At this point I choose which of the clip art and sayings I want to use on each page of the card. The cover is a typical Independence Day theme of a American flag flying on a blue background. On page two I wanted to be a bit whimsical so I located the Texas flag on top of the steer layering them so that only the horns showed, and below that I placed the cowboy boots. On the top in the menu bar is a subject called arrange. This makes it easy to put clip art together. After you have them where you want them, you can “group” them so they will then be one entity. On page three I just gave a simple greeting for the holiday. I could have added my name if I had wanted to. Page four is the back of the card and when you buy them it is wasted space. Commercial cards only give credits to the company who made the card. Personalizing the back of the card with who it was made for and a bit of visual interest enhances the card and makes it more individual. Note that Print Shop prints the entire card on one side of a 8˝ X 11 page and by folding the page into quarters, the result is a four page card.

Card Ready to fold For my great grandchildren I print one card for them to have to play with and another one to give to their mother to keep for them to have later. It takes a few hours to get acquainted with the program and realize how great a variety is available and just how much you can vary each card. The concept of changing the colors of a flower and making a border any width or color takes a while to comprehend. Also narrowing your search to clip art, photos, fine art or black and white helps. The Print Shop 15 Deluxe is available in a DVD version which negates the need to continually change disks and therefore becomes a good value even for the more experienced user who just wants to bang out a card for a friend, but doesn’t want to get into any of the sophisticated programs such as CorelDRAW or Adobe Photo Shop.

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