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Bill Klutz does consulting work, primarily in the areas of Management and Computer Applications/Hardware/Software. 

The Freeware and Shareware articles and reviews in this issue have generally included a Website where you can download the product(s) identified. If for some unknown reason a site was overlooked, or you have been enticed to check out other Freeware and Shareware products, you might consider visiting one or more of these sites. They generally test, review, and sometimes rate the software to prevent “Disasterware” from being loaded on your computer. (The sites are not in any order of preference or ranking.)

C|net will help you find Freeware and Shareware, linking to literally thousands of PC, Mac, Linix, and PDA titles. Well written newsletters and down-to-earth reviews can help you locate the perfect program.

ZDNet may have you needing more bandwidth. You can download numerous Freeware, Shareware, and Demo programs. The site offers daily software highlights and quick links to the week’s most popular software. Every program is checked for viruses, reviewed, and rated, so you download doesn’t come with any unpleasant surprises.

Tucows is not just about bovine bliss. It is an incredible archive of Freeware and Shareware. Plenty of  strategically placed mirror sites help keep user to site distances close, which keep downloads speedy. The category list and reviews make finding the software you are seeking a breeze.

Freeware Files is for windows users who want software without having to spend any money. The site features quick links to the most popular gateways.

Jumbo is a perfect name for this monstrous file archive. It features Freeware, Shareware, Demos and For Sale programs. Jumbo guides also offer articles on backing up, sharing MP3s, and other computing topics.

These listings should keep you busy for a while. Good hunting!

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