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Susan Ives is a former president of Alamo PC.

John in France Maps, because of their relatively clean lines, make great masks for photographs. The photograph I used is one of John in the harbor at Nice, dropped into a map of France. Here’s how to do it.
1 Obtain an outline map. Maps of the continents and countries of the world and outline maps of the US States are at About.com
2 Open the map in Adobe Photoshop or in your photo editing software. These instructions are for Photoshop ver. 5.5; your software can probably do the same thing but the procedure might vary slightly. Experiment!
3 Clean up the map so that you have an uncluttered outline. For example, on my map of France I erased Corsica (sorry!) On the state maps you might want to carefully erase the lines outside the state borders that indicate adjacent states.
4 Still in your photo editing software, open up the photograph you want to insert into the map. Check the properties to make sure that the resolution is 72 dpi and that the size of the photo is a little bigger than the size of the map. If not, make it so. Crop the photo if you want to get rid of extraneous stuff.
5 Select the entire photo (SELECT-ALL) and copy it to your clipboard (EDIT-COPY).
6 Click on the map to make it active. Use your magic wand tool to click inside the map and have the “marching ants” highlight the inside of the map.
7 Go to FILE-PASTE INTO. This should paste the photo stored in your clipboard into the map outline. In Photoshop you can use the move tool to jiggle the photo around in the mask to place it artistically. If it doesn’t look right (for example, if the photo is too big or too small) delete the new layer and start over from step 3.
8 If you want to get rid of the map outline, click on the background layer and erase the outline, or delete the entire background layer.
9 In my photo I also went to LAYER-EFFECTS and beveled the map. A drop shadow would also look nice. Before I did this I used my magic wand to select the white layer outside the map, then to SELECT-INVERSE to select the map photo itself. Then, I went to LAYER-DUPLICATE LAYER to make a copy of the map photo to which the effect was applied.
10 Save the new photo under a different name.

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