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Freeware for the Palm

John Woody is a net working communications consultant specializing in small office, home office networks, training setup, and internet connectivity.

Michael Espinoza is owner of Technology Coaching, a training and consulting firm that specializes in the PDA market. He co-chairs the PDA SIG with John Woody.

This monthís article is focusing on the freeware software that is available for Palm OS.  Since freeware is literally free it has a tendency to be smaller utility type programs in the handheld market. The first part of the article will list many free software programs and a short description. Most of these Palm software programs are available on various Web sites on the internet. I know they are available on www.handandgo.com one of the most popular Web sites for handheld software. You can go to the section on Palm and search for any of the software listed below. I have used the last part of the article to discuss the free software that is available from the Palm site.

Letís look at a list of Personal productivity software that may make your life a little easier.

FreeJournal by Chris Curtis
A simple, free application to record your thoughts, observations and ideas. Sometimes the notes or to-do list programs do not meet your needs.

Free Palm Design by Fernando Villanova
Palm free-form drawings program. Free Palm Design is a freeware palm application for any one who needs to keep their ideas in free-form drawings. The application provides the user the means to maintain a knowledge base of retrievable thoughts and ideas.

DaysToGo by Double U Software 
DaysToGo is a simple Palm application that calculates the number of days for an event from the current date 

Qvadis Express Reader Lite by Qvadis Corporation 
One of many free e-book readers you may want to look at to control your e-book collection.

Scribble-Out by Proporta Ltd
This program is designed to delete information in any or the Palm applications. You can do it all in one shot.

Hours-no company
Hours is a small and very simple database program where you can keep track of your working hours. It also computes the total hours of a database (month). 

PriceCmp by Knock U Out Pty Ltd
Does a price comparison of two products for you.

WWPoints by Chris Messineo
Those watching their weight using the weight watchers system, this calculator is used for the Weight Watcher's Winning Points Diet System.

ePocrates Rx by ePocrates
ePocrates Rx is a drug reference application. Use it to find over 2600 medications --- adult and peds dosing including off-label indications, interactions, pricing, packaging, formulas and other tables, adverse reactions divided into serious and common reactions, mechanism of action and much more. 

GeoView Mobile by GeoDiscovery 
GeoView Mobile is an application that displays interactive maps and points of interest through an easy interface.  

Tipster by blackboard software, inc.
Calculate tips, sales tax 

  • your bill amount 
  • the tip amount 
  • the bill + tip total 
  • divided by the number of people 

LogDay by Chambers Computer Consulting
LogDay is a program to log different events. You are able to edit a list of categories and sub-categories to help track events. You can have up to 15 categories with up to 15 sub-categories for each category.

America! by John R. Madderra 
This is a collection of historical documents important to the history of the American people. Includes transcriptions of the: Declaration of Independence U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights Pledge Of Allegiance America the Beautiful and the Magnacarta from Britain 

Quick Grade by ADLSoftware
Simple percentage/points converter for teachers.

Pilot-DB by Pilot-DB
Pilot-DB is a free open-source Flat-File database. Create the record structure and the different views, add new records, modify the others, view, sort, filter them in the records lists.

MyMeds by Pollifax
MyMeds is an application to remind you to take medication. It organizes all of the medications for multiple people. The user enters the name and a brief note for each patient, and enters the medications for each one. For each medication the user enters the name of the medication, the dosage, the frequency, and a brief note.

Xmas GiftBox by pdasoftnet.com
This program is designed to keep track of the status of all your Christmas Cards & Gifts, how much you spent on each gift. It allows you to define your own categories and filtering by the categories

PalmPatriot by JEH Software
Patriotic quotations about America and thoughts on the subject of liberty. The collection includes: Aristotle to Thomas Jefferson, George M. Cohan to Abraham Lincoln. Includes excerpts from President Bush's September 20 speech. (Requires a Doc reader.).

Here are some fun programs or some call them stress management programs that will help entertain you.

Anger Buster by WebOn Pvt. Ltd.
Designed to help you in reducing the stress in your mind before it gets worse. It will also help you in reaching an optimal relaxation level, For those tough days at the office.

Solitaire Free by smallWare
Three solitaire card games from the SmallWare Solitaire CollectionTM: are free for download:

  • Klondike Deal 3
  • Demon
  • Baker's Game

Gun Fight
Gun Fight is based on the classic two-player video games. Players can battle head-to-head over their Palm OS devices' IR ports in real time. Making a connection is simple, just point the two handhelds towards one another and hit "Play"! It has a built-in beaming button to make it easy to give a copy of the game to someone else. The company states that, by entering a 12-digit key code at freestyleinteractive.com (provided when you play the game on your handheld device), you can unlock an out-of-this-world special feature!

CasinoCraps by Stoneham & Associates
For those that canít wait to take a trip to Vegas. This game has:

  • User definable maximum/minimum bets 
  • User definable odds 
  • User definable starting bankroll 
  • Auto-odds feature (nothing could be easier!) 
  • "Show all bets" for instant totals 
  • "Short results" dialog simplifies roll results, and more

What does Palm Inc. offer its users?

Do not forget the upgrades that Palm offers to you at no charge. These may be upgrades you need for your desktop or Palm unit. If you have another brand of handheld that uses the Palm OS (i.e. Handspring, Sony) check there Web sites for free upgrades. 

Those of you who use the Palm desktop software make sure and go to the Palm site and check to see if you have the latest version of the software, 4.0. it does the following:

Features that palm lists on its Web site include:

  1. Elegant User Interface - View, find, sort and edit records more efficiently with our new user interface.
  2. vCard and vCal Support - Send friends and associates business cards or appointments electronically as vCard or vCal attachments to e-mail messages.
  3. Desktop Alarms - Choose to get notification on your desktop for event alarms.
  4. Hide/Show/Mask Records - Mask private records so you can see the existence of the record while keeping the data hidden.
  5. Customizable Views - Display calendars for multiple months, resize columns and choose from different viewing options to format the viewing area to your liking.
  6. Tool Tips - Access specific information quickly in the Date Book views by positioning your mouse over an event.
  7. Year View - View an entire calendar year in a single window and mouse over a date to view ToolTips with your schedule specifics.
  8. Day View within Month - View today's detailed schedule and the rest of the month on the same page.
  9. Business Card View - Scan Address Book information with a familiar business card like view that expands or reduces to multiple columns and rows.
  10. Stability and Recoverability - Rest assured that your data is backed up and easily restored in the event that your handheld is lost or that you upgrade to a newer one.
  11. Resizable Memo Window - Resize the memo window to take as much screen space as you need to edit memos.
The Web site is http://www.palm.com/software/desktop/.

Another Palm page you should check for free patches and fixes for your model palm has the most current Palm software, accessory drivers, Desktop updates, OS updates, and more! All you do is find your model Palm or accessory model from the page and it will show you the most current software versions available for download at no cost to you. This may not be fun software but very necessary to keep you Palm running well.

Do not forget that Palm purchased the Peanut Press a large e-book Web site. On the Peanut press site you have free software and books available to you. You need to start out by downloading and installing the free Palm reader software this will allow you to read books on your Palm, current version is 1.1.14. 

The site has thousands of titles available, there's something available for everybody. Here is the list of categories they offer.

  • Action/Adventure 
  • Business & Technology 
  • Classics 
  • Espionage & Thrillers 
  • Health & Medicine 
  • History 
  • Investing & Money 
  • Reference 
  • Science Fiction 
  • Travel 
You can try out the idea of e-books by downloading some of the free e-books the site offers. Here is the link of the home page to find the free books. If you need help using the reader there is online documentation.

As well as reading e-books written by other people you can create your own e-books out of text documents on your computer.  Download 

What I have tried to do in this article is point out the free software (freeware) that is available for the Palm OS devices. There are many more programs than this but this gives you an idea of what is available at no cost. There are many site on the Internet for Palm software, use you favorite search engine and search on Palm software or even more specific free Palm software.

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