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Help Numbers - When You Need Them Most

The Telephone Help Numbers is a group of volunteers who are proficient in one or more aspects of personal computing. These volunteers list their names in the PC Alamode Magazine along with a telephone number or E-mail address and the time and days when they are available for consultation. Their services are open to all members of Alamo PC at no charge. 

Please have your member number available when placing a call!

To use this service, look in latest issue of the PC Alamode Magazine for the Help Numbers list, usually located near the back of each issue.

To find the category for which you need help:

Select the name of a program from column #1 and note the number for that listing.

Look at the list in column #2 and match the program number with the name(s), phone numbers and calling times or email address; of those willing to help with that particular program. 

Please respect the calling times listed.

Become a Help Number volunteer: 
You need not take phone calls, if you are willing to answer E-mail requests

Can you help a new member with a new computer?
Are you proficient in a software program not listed?
Can you help with a title currently showing only one volunteer?

Contact the the Alamo PC Director of Education, by e-mail subject Alamo PC Help Numbers